President Obama makes Smartphone Genius

The president's text addresses the things. Not sure that the most powerful man in the free world would not expect to understand QWERTY keyboard, but it's definitely a change. However, when in Washington there are many things. Imagine the president's president throwing the "send" button on a unified message is a painful scenario for the white house council. The answer? The smartphone is just a genius.

Internet rumor and technology blogger report President Obama has been given an ultra-twisted, NSA-approved Smartphone with elegant circuits. Reliable reports are called General Dynamics Sectéra Edge, which changed unit currently in use with the 44th President. General Dynamics, a security expert who is not known for mobile phones, has reportedly created an elite unit created by the Commission. How did they do that?

The answer to this question is a mixture of facts and intuition. According to General Dynamics & # 39; Michael Guzelian, Sectéra was originally designed for NSA / military use. It is not available for consumer purchases. The cost? $ 3,350. His capability is ultra and protects both voice and data communication. With a single key of a button, the unit switches from "uncategorized" to "top secret" sending.

Efficiency this unit was ready for President Obama has much to ask if General Dynamics designed it much earlier in the presidential election, like the proposed NBA Championship hats printed in half. Although neither General Dynamics nor White House will confirm the exact unit used, the existence of such advanced features of the private sector greatly increases.

Government and private companies have historically shared technology. Generally Dynamics try out their unit for 15 months. They had unintentionally used complex testing tools like those provided by X-TEL Communications, a former wireless testing and optimization company. X-TEL, through its subsidiary, recently released a security application called JTrek available to consumers. JTrek has been promised for the crime that inhibits talent as it sends secure data, voice and streaming from the mobile phone company to emergency contact lists, including friends, family and emergency law enforcement.

While President Obama will enjoy personal protection for many years, his use of the PDA significantly increases the design and safety for consumers. Imagine a smartphone with a neurometer that can call help when his user is at risk. Could the next generation of units work actively on behalf of its owner? This could not be far away.

Mostly, Sectéra Edge is the first new generation of secure, encrypted telecommunications equipment, with many more security features that are still being unveiled. Your smartphone may have become a genius.

Source by Terry Hunt

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