Presentation of a text message

Why text?

Text messages are a quick way to communicate with people for private or commercial purposes. With text messages, you can chat with a partner by typing on the keyboard and reading what they write to you on the screen. Many text messages can work with text messages on mobile phones (aka SMS or Short Messaging Service) so you can chat with people who are not in front of their computer. So, why not just pick up the phone and talk?

It's faster than email and calls. And you do not have to pay anything in text. If you need to chat with somebody in short or ask a quick question, it's much less intrusive than calling someone. As with most development methods, some types of text messaging are available and each is incompatible with others. But do not let it keep you from trying it out. The main text messages are ICQ (, MSN Messenger (, AIM ( and Yahoo Messenger (

TTV (By the Way …)

Everyone is free and easy to download, install and sign up. You can find your "friends" by searching a web directory with a screen name, email address, name or phone number. When you get it, text messages can be very addictive. When you continue to use text messages, you will find yourself learning to shorten words and sentences. When you go to a chat, you can tell BRB (Be Right Back), I'm afk (away from the keyboard) or TTYL (Talk to you later). See the glossary below.

Some text messages are starting to offer voice and video chat. The future of digital communication is an integrated product, where voice, video, interactive text messages and email are all an effective way of communicating. In the future you will be able to switch between text, voice and videos with ease. Until now, we will continue to use different methods for different communication needs: – (


🙂 Smiley face.

😉 Smiley face with eyes.

🙁 If anyone sends you this email, they are probably not good.

VAT – By the Way

FYI – For Your Information

FWIW – What It Worth It




TTYL – Talk to You Later

CYA – See You Later

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