Practical Social Marketing Tips – The Most Important 7 Signs That Are Too Far Into Social Media

Social Media Marketing gives us the opportunity to connect more than ever. In our increasingly "embedded" culture, there are some who question whether it may be too involved.

For example, an Australian mother, Susan Maushar, took her entire family, including 3 teenagers, a month. He describes their story in the book "Breaking Winter" (beautiful title)

I did not recommend pulling the plug for 6 months. I urge you to make sure you see if it's really overly plugged in. And if you find that … maybe pull it out for a week or a weekend, if that's enough.

For this purpose, here are the 7 most important signs that can be inserted too much:

1. You think the waterproof iPhone makes sense for the shower or the bathtub – You left it out of the shower or from your spa tweets? Or does a text message arrive?

There is a weird Al Yankovic video, called "White and Nerdy," in which the protagonist introduces a nozzle that allows them to work on his laptop in the shower. It frightened me that it made sense to me.

2. You've done tweeted sex (19459004) – I swear I will not do this. I've heard stories that actually tweeted or scribbled during intimate moments. Talk to a mood killer!

But this is just the case for tweeting or sending text when you're having family or friends' meals. Do not talk or talk. Rough. There are real people waiting there with you. Listen and be present.

3. Believe that the "real physical reality world" is just an access to your online life. – It seems to be cooler than a mass of less than 25 people who never know a world that is not embedded. telephoning and thinking "Oh yeah, that's real" it means. When you get big news and the first thing you think is, "I can not wait to share this on Facebook" you may be in danger.

4. If you "laugh loudly" then you really say "LOL" – I heard that my eldest son teenage friends really do this. All we have to say is OMG. Do your emails and thank you comments contain text abbreviations?

5. Do you think your keyboard is a good pillow? – How many of us spend a lot of time with our computers? Did you find the lessons and realized that you were just sending instant messaging people we hardly know about ..? It may take time to move away from the laptop.

6. You're writing movies in the movies in a movie and you actually think no one sees the light from your phone – without the need for an emergency. Enjoy activities when you are involved when you are there. The consequence of the violations should be to clean the stage floor. With his tongue.

7. If your friends or family are not on Facebook or Twitter, you rarely talk to them (19459004) – Make sure that you still have human relationships in the real word.

While businesses and consumers have a lot of advantages to our highly interconnected world, there are also dangers. You want to be able to shape and maintain IRL relationships or "in real life". Like anything, balance is key.

Many people use technology to conceal and isolate themselves from real life and true relationships. Perhaps because they need real trust and there is a chance that they can be hurt. But real relationships are virtual every day of the week.

If you answered "yes" to these questions, it's time to connect, even if it is only for a 24-hour period. Go and talk to real people in the real world.

Source by Jeff Herring

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