Power Factor Workout: Maximum Power, Resistance and Size Gains Version.

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 Power Factor Workout: Maximum Power, Resistance and Size Gains Version.

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 Power Factor Workout: Maximum Power, Resistance and Size Gains Version.

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 Power Factor Workout: Maximum Power, Resistance and Size Gains Version.

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We know that high muscle tension is the key to building new muscles. But how do you know if your exercise today really exceeds your chest last week? If you train how people do, you can not know for sure. The same applies to all of your body's major muscle groups.

But there is a way. The Power Factor number allows you to see how much muscle is. The Power Index code allows you to see how far you passed that intensity. These two measurements, used just like speedometer and road meter, are what allow you to deliver unknown power, stamina and size to your muscles.

I've been working for years to create short and effective exercises. But I've heard from many who tell me they do not care about fast workouts as they do to build more muscle energy, endurance and achieve as much muscle size as possible. Even if it means longer workouts or more trips in the gym.

Strength Training is the answer to people who need - or just want! - more amount in their training. It is the first rational, measured workout designed to give you larger muscles with maximum lasting strength and functional endurance.

It's easy to create high-quality workouts, just throwing each exercise and kitchen sink into the app. Coaches tell people to do three or four different exercises for each muscle, three or four sets for each exercise, and to keep coming back a few days to repeat it all. An obvious consequence is that people are getting out because these programs are not sustainable. It will always be obvious. But the invisible problem is that their intensity is not high enough to turn on the actual power, endurance and size they are looking for.

Power Factor Workout solves both problems by balancing your performance on the fine line of actual high output power for a specified time that does not allow intensity to fall into useless areas. There is a holy gral power / endurance training; Work muscle as hard as you can as long as you can without overtraining. It's crazy to do it blindly when Power Factor Workout gives you a simple and easy way to track both things and clearly see your success.

This Power Factor Workout builds power, stamina and size in ten large muscle groups. It monitors two important factors for each. There are twenty measurements. How can anyone believe that he or she can go to the gym and "finds" that, despite his 12% triceps power / stamina, his lats are 6% in maximum strength and even more in power / endurance? So his triceps are progressing but he is training his lats - without measurements he is not aware of either fact. Then he will plummet until his performance is so lopsided, and he is in such a state-of-the-art state, he has no hope of achieving his goals, no matter how often he is training or what nutrition device he can talk to. Sound familiar?

The following three principles are not controversial; they are well-established rules that have caused men to grow muscles for thousands of years. If you obey all three principles of each workout, you will receive incremental performance in muscle strength and size in each workout.

If you have read anything about gravity you have come across the term "high intensity". Many books have been written with these words in the title and uncounted magazine and web articles are the same. It is a valid term that states that muscle growth will be stimulated by high levels of output. That's why we lift a plot - to create a load for our muscles. When muscles are forced to work with high levels of output, they say their brain grows more muscle tissue. Do you want to hear the biggest mistake in traditional hypertensive training? There is no measurement! None. All these people who speak about the intensity of the exercise do not have a measurement unit. Volume is measured in decibels, luminous intensity is measured in lumens, there are many different intensities in science. In 1992, I reviewed two measurements of muscle strength, power and energy index. Once you have a significant measure of the strength of each exercise you do, it means that you can progress, flat and return from the first day. It absolutely ensures that the first principle is respected - true too much.

Another principle is that too much must be progressive from workout workout to continuing to grow. If the passage stops, muscle growth stops. If you lift the same amount of stress on each workout, there is no reason for your body to grow a new muscle. The wrong way to train is never knowing exactly how much workouts workout from workout to workout. It is called training blindly. And it's just crazy. The smart way to train is knowing how much of the increase you have achieved during each exercise of the last exercise and what your weight target would be appropriate for your workout today. It completely ensures that the second principle is respected - true progressive overload.

When the body is in stress, its first priority is always improving. When we do a lot of workout, many waste materials are created in the body and they need to be treated and operated. It takes time. Only after this process is completed will the body spend its energy on a new muscle tissue. It is also easy to understand that very light and easy workout requires less recovery than very heavy and difficult workout. In addition, your score or condition affects the recovery time. That is the amount of general stress in your life outside the fitness center. In fact, there are several things that can affect the time the body takes to fully recover. It's incorrect to do a regular training session (like three times a week) that required you to do a workout regardless of (1) the strength of your last workout (2) or lack of) last workout and (3) full Your recovery had not yet occurred. The smart way to train would be to keep track of accurate results by evaluating your performance from workout workout to see how long full recovery and new characters are taking. In the beginning of training, it may only take two days or so, but after you get stronger and intensified your workout will require more time between your workouts - and your numbers will prove how long you need your personal circumstances. It's a smart way to ensure absolutely the third rule is respected - true full recovery for next workout.

Power Factor Workout is not a rehash of what you hear in the gym and read in books, magazines and online forums. It is based on years of innovation and experimentation that led to a better way of training. These are not the basics I have just worked out on paper. These are the fundamentals proven in the gym of over 200,000 bodybuilding, athletics and ordinary people from all over the world since 1992.

The power training is completely loaded with new, useful information that you can apply for in the next workout. You spend hundreds of dollars to join a fitness center or buy your own equipment. You probably spend hundreds on healthy foods or nutrients to prepare your body to build a new muscle ... but you can not do consistent, productive muscle gain without the appropriate training method. Why are you wearing wear time weekly and week after month with little or no progress? Why do another infertility workout work? Do not throw away other dollars going to the gym to do useless workout or gulping down a website that can not help you if you have not stimulated muscle growth in the first place.

Without measurements, nothing can be called science. To show you what I mean here is an example of two typical benchmark training.

Which one delivered more than too much? Have guessed? Trick question. It is mathematically impossible to know the answer. Why? Because of the intensity, you must know when it began to do those exercises. Okay, here are the times:

So was the workout on Friday with 5lbs extra on the baby ever more intense than workout on Monday and it caused new muscle growth? Nope. The strength was down 3%, meaning you were not as strong on Friday as you were Monday before - meaning you were not fully reached. More to point out that you did not stimulate new muscle growth. Oops. A waste trip to the gym. Again. In fact, it's worse than just a waste of time. That means that you now need more time to recover because you just tapped a larger hole for the body to get out of it. See why people are frustrated and unsure why they do not get the results they are working so hard for? This is exactly the wrong way 99% of people in the fitness center. The smart way to train is to eliminate unnecessary blindness and replace it with clear criteria.

Do not be afraid of all this measurements. It's all done automatically for you. All you need to write down is the weight you lift and the number of reps you have performed at the specified time. You enter 185 lbs and 43 reps in spreadsheet and it makes all calculations and graphs for you. Then you see at the moment how you actually looked at each exercise.

Below are two pictures that you will take care of your movement. To the left is the graph showing the Power Factor (preliminary intensity) for the first six breast training. On the right is the graph showing the Power Index for the same six breast training.

In this picture you can immediately see that the 4th breast training was less than the previous exercise. Power Factor dropped from 5,933 lbs / min to 5,040 lbs / min. Why? Certain muscle levels disappear for 5 days? Did you know his chest? Of course, he just did not fully come from his previous workout. When he added extra sabbaths between his exercises, his progress went back.

Look at what you see here in the shooting! 1) High intensity, measured on the left axis. 2) Progressive overload, seen on the longitudinal bars. 3) Adjustable training frequency, seen on the bottom of the bottom. And it's brilliant simply because you just load your weight and reps and allow spreadsheets to do the rest.

Workout section shows your Power Power and Power Index spreadsheets for all larger muscle groups - automatically!

Power Training gives you a lasting exercise instead of the new hug of "booty", "insane" and "ultra" programs that throw the kitchen sink into almost daily exercises that will be longer and longer as the week passes. Remember these three unambiguous principles of strength and size? 1) high intensity, 2) progressive overload and 3) recovery for growth? These rules do not go away with any new workout. Also, these programs for saturation of exercises are never sustainable. That's because the third principle - recovery must take place before you can build a new muscle. The wrong way to train is to throw every exercise together with the kitchen fan in the workout in the blind hope that some of it will pay off. The Power Factor Workout is a plan that you can literally use for the rest of your life in a strategic, measured and sustainable manner.

Training mistakes always lead to stalled progress and frustration. And changing exercises to "keep things fresh" or jump from policy to "confuse your body" is weak advice to those who have no relevance to helping you plan and measure performance. The # 1 best motivation is to make progress! An emotional measurement of your progress in each exercise provides your own motivation that allows you to look forward to all workouts and return to the gym with new goals in hand - it's a smart way to train.

Actual value of common sense, productive Strength Training is a medical aid. To be sure, everyone will look his best and have a trim, tone look. But the persistent value of being stronger lies in other known health benefits. This benefit is well known in medical research. Performance-effective training returns:

Look at the list! If it came to a pill it would be worth millions.

They are honest, scientifically validized benefits of productive strength training. In fact, the amount of muscle a person has, used as a "biometric aging". So having more muscle means literally that you are a younger person despite your birthday. If you want these healthcare facilities then PowerProcess Workout is for you.

I want you to be completely satisfied with Power Factor Workout and to have the most productive tools you've ever experienced. And to remove all your risks, I want to take this responsibility: Test Power Factor Workout for 60 days - it should give you time to perform at least 10 workouts - and if you're not happy with the results for any reason I will not refund only 100% of your money, I want you to keep the Power Factor Workout and the bonus that accompanies it. You will have all the knowledge that took me 15 years to buy and you will enjoy 60 days of training - and you will get 100% of your money back. My warranty takes ALL the risks away from you and puts it all on me. If something I say on this site (or in Power Factor Workout) is not true, I would be at great risk. I'm confident you will not want to refund your money. Honesty: I take care of the integrity of my clients and am sure that, like all good human progress, mutual mutual exchange rate developments will serve us both in the long run.

Every time you go to a gym, you will know exactly what to achieve during each exercise to meet your goals. No, guess. No, to carry "feel" or "instinct". You will have your exact goals in black and white.

I. Attempt to Be Successful: Power Factor Workout has a very successful achievement for almost two decades. 100,000+ regular people have been able to use my training in 90 countries around the world. If you think about what you will understand, it will not happen unless the training system works honestly.

II. Mathematics and intellect: The Power Factor workout is based on logical, tested principles, no fitness center and mythology. When I tell you something, it's a fact that you can test and confirm for you right in the gym. I use the principles of mathematics and physics, not "no pain, no profit" macho crap. And my premises have been tested several times in gyms all over the world by guys like you.

III. Works for you: Because the power training is based on absolutely true principles, it works for men and women from all beginners to advanced students. That way, your workouts will start working for you on the first trip to the gym. And it will continue to work because it is designed to deliver progressive overload at the right time as the body needs it to trigger growth.

IV. Best Exercises: You will not waste your time with infertile and unnecessary exercises. When I tell you a particular exercise, it's best for triceps, quads or other muscles that you know it's true, because I tested too much per unit time for dozens of exercises for each muscle group. So you'll do the exercises with the most "bang for the buck" every time. It does not waste time or waste of attempts at training and inadequate recovery.

V. Set new posts: Power Factor Workout allows you to exercise in the strongest and safest of the movement. So, right from your first week, you'll add new personal entries to each exercise. You'll lift more weight than you ever think you could. I guarantee it. I work with women as a leg pushes over 1,000 pounds. Many men get over tons. Your weight box will soon be more than twice what you're lifting now in your body part.

VI. Shorter exercises: Although this workout is higher, the chances of workout are likely to be briefer and more efficient than what you are doing now. Likes to spend even more time in the gym? Fine, choose a cardio on a treadmill or lifetime and burn on a few extra calories. But do not waste time and recovery resources to lift the weight you do not have to lift.

VII. Fewer Workout: Power Factor Workout shows you a simple way to closely monitor your recovery so that your workout will divide your father to prevent long-term overtraining of other training methods. It means fewer trips to the gym and more time for what you like more.

VIII. It's fresh: You get a lot of fun and positive feedback on Power Factor Workout. You will lift more weight, do not be as tired as the exercise really becomes something you look forward to.

IX. Motivation: Repetitive and ongoing performance in the gym is the most inspiring thing in the world. You will earnestly consider each workout and you will have clear, specific goals for each exercise. You'll see what I mean for the first time your last football table used weight in the high 200 and your goal for this workout is at 300+. The same goes for each other exercise; reform equals motivation.

X. Value: The power training costs less than one session with a personal trainer, less than one month in a fitness session, less than one bottle of nutrients. Still, it contains the exact knowledge you need now to ensure your success in the gym. And this knowledge has no validity.

XI. Get it now: Power Factor Workout is an e-book, spreadsheet and audio course that you can download and be used for two minutes from now. So no matter what corner of the world you live in, you can get the knowledge you need to do today's workout the most productive workout you've ever experienced.

XII. Zero risk: I'm taking 100% of the risk, not you. If you do not like Power Factor workout for any reason, you can request your money back within 60 days. It's enough time to perform about 10 exercises to test the truth about what I tell you. And the reality is, because it's an e-book, you end it even if you ask for a refund. So absolutely the risk is mine. I just can not think of anything that would be fair for you and put the financial risk and burden of proof 100% on me.

Buy It Now - Just Follow These Two Simple Steps:

1. Use your credit card to purchase Power Factor Workout.

2. You will immediately be sent to a page where you can download the unit Power Factor Workout, Spreadsheet and Audio. The e-book will be on your computer where you can access and read it whenever you want.

Technical Content: This is an e-book. There is no paper and nothing is sent to you at the post office. You read this book right from your computer after you download it. You need Adobe Acrobat®. This is a free e-book reading program available at www.adobe.com You also need the ability to use Excel spreadsheet.

You have read the iron-clad warranty and the truth is: You have nothing to lose and strength and better health to achieve.

PS I made a great bonus for this offer. You will also get the AudioPower Factor Workout Audio Seminar to download for free with your Power Factor Workout e-book purchase. This course is loaded with training information and you can play it on your computer, iPod or other mp3 player.

The 22-minute Power Factor Workout Audio Seminar is loaded with useful information on the basic principles on which the training is based, including:

You can listen to all the information in the Power Factor Workout Audio Seminar for five minutes from now.

Free Power Factor Workout Audio Seminar Bonus With:

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 Power Factor Workout: Maximum Power, Resistance and Size Gains Version.

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All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

 Power Factor Workout: Maximum Power, Resistance and Size Gains Version.

is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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