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For every iPhone that is sold, hundreds of iPhone applications are also sold and installed on the phone. The universe of iPhone applications is big, but there are some top names that we should all use and know about. I introduce you to the most popular iPhone applications. Apart from that, these are also having to have an iPhone application.

  • Facebook Let's be realistic – there's no way to create a list like this and do not put Facebook in the top position. With all of her grandmother to acquire not only a Facebook account but also an active social life, the Facebook application is one of the apps downloaded to the App Store.
  • Twitter app by Twitter This app is useful and functional, as you should expect from its publisher, twitter.com. The latest version is version 3.3.3, which is now available with a short string that was previously located at the bottom of the screen.
  • AIM If you want to chat with your AIM buddies, this is the program for you. But if you want to chat with your Facebook friends, this app will help you there too. At the top of the app you will find the Facebook affiliate button by using which you can sign in to your Facebook account and use the Facebook chat from within the AIM app itself.
  • Google Earth Had Columbus responded to what might prove to be his misadventure, he could have said, "I did not have Google Earth!" But if you do not reach your destination at this age, you will not be sorry. Google Earth has all maps of the world by clicking a button and if you're out of your neighborhood, you just know what app to use.
  • Last.fm When we last signed up, you could use last.fm to listen to more than 5 million songs. The last internet radio station, last.fm, has not only the largest collection of songs but also an app that's fun to use. This app allows you to create and listen to personal radio stations, as well as share songs with your iPhone contacts.
  • SoundHound This service allows users to find out the name and artist in the song. The song could play on the radio, at the bar, or you could even shout. In any case, the app will check the server and see if it finds a match. If that happens, it will tell you the name, artist, and other related information about the song.
  • Skype I have already mentioned a chat app – AIM app. Skype is not just an instant messaging program, it's a good communication technology. Use what you can call landlines and mobile phones, as well as call other Skype users.

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