Please just say no to Emojis! These applications corrupt the Ford Sync System!

Using smartphones on your smartphone can cause serious problems with voice-text actions Ford Sync System. This self-help article shows ways to correct these problems.

Since the end of 2012 there were numerous problems with the iPhone 5, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S as well as the Samsung Galaxy, HTC Evo and other smartphones that are connected to the Ford Sync system. User interface for these smartphones and for the synchronization system has been filled with people related to issues affecting the basic model, MyFord and MyFord Touch Sync system. The problem was something that seriously affected the users of sync access to contacts phonebook with voice commands. If you pressed the "Voice" icon on the wheel, saying "Phone" and then "Call + (Name of contact)" then the Sync system could answer, "Calling Dot on Cell."

Some of the issues were the result of smartphone users downloading and using any Emoji Apps. The word emoji is Japanese for ideology, you know, these little smiley faces like smiley face, frowny face, etc.

The new Apple iOS allows even iPhone 5 users to go to their Settings folder in general settings, on the Keyboard tab and then in the next menu to select "Keyboard." You can click "Add New Keyboard" and add the emoji keyboard. This is, however, a kiss of death for your Sync system.

The question is that the cute smileys on the smartphone display that the smileyside are really stringed programming languages ​​that cause sync synchronization sync to go to haywire. When a voice command is switched on to call a contact, the system will say "Call dot on cell" and then dial the first contact listed in your phone book.

If this has happened, review any phone contact and remove any smileys. Also remove any exclamation mark, period, comma, line, and so on that you may have in your contacts list. Be sure to even check the device name! Some oversealous users changed their phone with smiley faces on the device. Check to see that everything is cleared again. Then go to Bluetooth settings and remove Sync from your phone.

If you have iPhone, do a soft reset. This is done by holding your "Home" button, the big button in the lower center of the front cover, and also holding down the Power button on the upper edge of the phone on the right side. Hold down this key until the Apple icon appears. Then release the keys. Leave your phone idle for a few minutes. You can further press the power key and then slide the display to turn off the phone. Release your phone for a few minutes. Then press the power key and let the phone take power.

Then go to your car. Go to your phone and delete your phone from the list of Bluetooth devices. Then turn off the vehicle. Open the hood and locate the battery on the car. Release and remove the black (negative) battery for about five minutes. Then insert the cable and tighten the clamp. Close the hood and move on the vehicle. Take a few minutes before resetting the radio from AM and resets the clock. Then go to your phone and pair your phone again. See this video for instructions on pairing by phone .

Yes, that's a lot to do. Therefore, you really need to clear Emoji Apps and Emoji Keyboard from your phone. Emoticons are cute but they overcome all having a Bluetooth-enabled hands-free telecommunications system. Perhaps it's time to say goodbye, bless a smiling face! Sorry!

Source by Vincent Hennigan

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