PlayStation PSP Skinny Apps – The Application store for your console

The Sony PlayStation Portable Handheld Game Console has firmly cemented its place in gaming pantheon, and a smaller version, recently released PSP Go, has also been a great interest from fans and industry. There is always room for improvement on these items, however, which is where the Sony PSP Skinny Apps store comes into play.

PSP and PSP Go are trying to further strengthen in the coming months, when words have started spreading the PSP Skinny Apps store. Similar to recent witnesses related to iPhone and the like, PSP Skinny Apps has actually been a few examples in recent years, but now some information is coming through.

The Skinny itself is said to be a small external tool attached to the PSP, enabling developers to create new software for sale on the PSP Skinny Apps store. It's a fast and welcome addition for many manufacturers, enabling new content to be put up for sale without the need to develop software.

This feature is said to be ideal for bringing new content to the PSP. Apps can range from game consoles, such as training manuals, policy guides, and card teachers to network features like eMagazines and website comics.

Sony has said a little about this suggestion, but something that could help increase sales of their new PSP Go is definitely an attractive feature. The world is going crazy for something related at the moment, so it's possible to bring new power to the system PSP Skinny Apps .

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