Play time – iPhone 4S integration with social media and applications

The iPhone 4S is a great tool that comes with a new operating system, IOS5. Obviously, Steve Jobs, who was still CEO, the operating system is not surprising. With the dual-core processor and the A5 chip, however, the smartphone works much faster and more efficiently than the previous generation, the iPhone 4.

Applications, and has always had great appeal for the iPhone without the need for speed and experience. This latest model hopes that this multi-tasked task is smoother and has many built-in applications that create a unique Apple iPhone experience.

Built-in applications include the new 8-megapixel camera and 1080p HD video. FaceTime, browser, iMessage, and email and calendar system are designed to build customer expectations from the iPhone, but only a little better.

The 8-megapixel camera reflects that Apple raises its competitors in the smartphone market, many have already launched cameras that are strong enough to face the DSLR. The iPhone 4S comes with a better lens that provides much better color accuracy and new face management for background definition. The 1080p camcorder reduces HD and motion blur with a real-time stabilizer. The Camera application allows you to edit and crop images that can be uploaded and shared over other devices via iCloud.

FaceTime has launched iPhone4 and returns to iPhone4S. You are verified either by touch or by using a virtual assistant, Siri. FaceTime allows anyone who uses iPhone, iPad 2, Mac or iPod Touch through Wi-Fi to initiate face-to-face calls.

iMessage is an upgraded version of the old messaging service. With unlimited and all IOS5 tools, you can send group messaging and images, locations, videos, and links.

Setting reminders and writing lists is done by documents or using Siri who upload a text reminder on the screen.

Do whatever you can to do what you think. Then add deadlines and places. You can even set up alerts. Or just tell Siri: "Remember me, take out the trash" or "Remember me to pay a phone bill on Thursday." And suddenly, all you have to do is see it much better.

Still using the safari browser, the new Retina Display allows you to have a sharper and sharper image. The samples showed how enhancements have improved and the resolution of the screen. Find My iPhone can be easily set to do just that – find a lost phone. Custom subscription helps use the Map feature to find the phone, send a message, and delete all data when lost. Your newsstand helps you manage every news and magazine subscription. Social media integration is now easier since access to Twitter is improving and works well for applications such as cameras. Family and friends photos are fast and easy tweeting.

Apple CEO Tim Cook adds: "The iPhone 4S is an evolutionary device that does not cause any harm to people and iOS, as well as the enhancement of the features they offer."

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