PlainText App Sync notes between iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, PC, and Mac

If you used to make quick notes about your iPhone and iPad, but after a while, you can not remember which iDevice has saved a particular comment. A simple solution to this PlainText application that lets you sync with, so you can view and edit types on iPhones on iPad, and vice versa.

PlainText works like Apple's default comments, but PlainText allows you to create and organize documents in folders. In addition, you can view and edit documents from PCs and Macs through Dropbox. Dropbox offers free 2GB of seamless file sharing between iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, PC and Mac. first Step – Set up a Free Dropbox Account

Create a free Dropbox account at to enjoy free 2 GB of online storage.

Step 2 – Install PlainText Application

Install PlainText For iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

Start PlainText> > Dropbox> Link to the Dropbox account> enter the Dropbox account ID and password. Ready!

Note: You can create new notes on your PC and Mac in the PlainText folder located in the Dropbox folder and access the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. By default, Dropbox syncs to the PlainText folder. You can change this (before joining the account) if after customizing tap the text box after the Insert Folder link. If you have a problem with the synced files, you can restore the earlier versions of the documents at at any time.

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