Piano or guitar? Why is the piano better the first device for the music?

"Should I first study a piano or a guitar?" Piano or Guitar? Why Piano Is Better First Instrument Choice For Music? "

It's not easy to determine it from one part. From my experience playing both instruments, I can say that the piano or keyboard is the easiest device to start with for many reasons. But (this is big but !!!), let's study this carefully by many factors.

1) Your goal (who would you imagine playing with a piano or guitar?

2) What kind of music you want to play? / Who are your favorite artists?

3) Instruments (selection, price range, stores and portability)

4) Assessment (short-term, long-term)

5) Output Options

1) Your Goal

You must have an idea of ​​why you thought about learning a piano or guitar. Perhaps your friends are playing some instruments. Or maybe you just like to play some devices. I want you to imagine just solely and truly without interference like difficulties or prices. If you have an unknown talent for music and you're also incredibly rich to be able to afford any instrument. What instruments are you playing? Finally, it's your choice.

2) What type of music you want to play? / Who is your favorite artist?

You are going to enjoy your songs or concerts while you are learning to play. Do you want to play the classic song like "Fur Elise" by Beethoven or the band rock band like "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin. All songs could play on both devices. But if you play the device you have chosen according to your favorite artist sounds very similar to the original song. It may make you feel as good as you became a good musician. This feeling is the real joy of making music. [19659000]] Piano
Choices for the piano (acoustic piano, digital piano, electric keyboard, mobile apps), guitar (classical guitar, folk guitar, country guitar, Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Apps)

Rates (lower to higher) for the new piano free, $ 50 keyboard, $ 500 digital piano, $ 2,000 audio piano) for the new guitar (the applications are free, what kind of guitar from $ 100) for the ones used (from free to ….?)

Store to buy and move. The main city should have some music shop or piano shop. Or you can search the internet and find the store to carry it on the door. It is clear that the guitars and lightweight keyboard are easy to carry and delivered. Some digital pianos could be subtracted, but it may require two men or the carriage to move around. The band must be delivered by a special piano game.

4) Easy Learning Process

[For the short-term]

If you buy the new piano, Piano You can see what comments you are playing. it's like you're entering the computer keyboard, the keyboard itself is card. You would make a song when you press any button on the other hand. The fast track makes work easy. Definitely the first choice for small children or any beginners.

Guitar It's harder to make a song for the first time than the piano because you have to use your left hand to make it clear and use the right hand to play the strings. If you try to sound, it could be a physical challenge. Your left hand must push a few strings at the same time in an unusual posture that you usually do not want to shape. Recommended for the adolescent and up in accordance with physical abilities.
[For the long-term]

Piano- When you go, the piano file may require more technical challenges such as two-way coordination (song and accompanying at the same time ), musicology and reading notes from the music challenges.

Guitar When you have taken a certain number of strings, you can play or track almost all songs (especially pop music) to sing with. But of course, if you are doing classical concerts like "Memorials of Alhambra", then you will need to learn more technical skills. And also the band songs could have a good guitar chair and they should have a beautiful artistry to learn.

5) Opportunities for Success and More …

Self-esteem, Family Meetings, All Parties, School Calendar Shows, Your Teacher's Ideas Organizes, Shows Your Song in Front of Girls (or Boys), Singer Singer , open microphone at the cafe or meeting place, meet


I would say if you want both piano and guitar, you must try both in the end. But the first one is really all you want to become. Piano player or guitarist. Cherish your desire you want to play.

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