Photoshop Mobile iPhone App – editing as a professional on your iPhone

We all expected an application that would allow us to edit the photos from anywhere. Thanks to the Adobe family, there is a light and convenient way to change your photos. With Photoshop Mobile iPhone, you can do the image editing experience to the next level – and right in your pocket!

Nifty Features Mobile lets you quickly edit your photos with a few clicks. It's like having your own photo album collection on the iPhone. Simply create an account and start editing photos with up to 2 GB of memory.

Beautiful software offers the following features:

• Cool Editing Techniques

The application allows the foundation of photo editing. Allows you to change color, change effects, and filter images.

• Share photos online

If you do not have an account, start creating one now! Allows you to upload, save, and share all edited photos on your iPhone. You can also access the entire photo collection from your mobile device.

• User friendly interface

Photo editing can now be done by dragging, rotating, and touching iPhone buttons. You can try different visual editing methods with the Filter application. Get rid of extreme photo editing without fear. With the Reset and Undo buttons you can completely change the photos!

Operation of PS Mobile

Photoshop Mobile iPhone application is very easy to use. When you open the application on your device, the "select photo" tab in the middle of the screen appears immediately. This allows you to edit the images. There are 4 more buttons at the bottom of the app. The Edit, Online, Upload, and Settings buttons are taken to different Photoshop faces.

• Photo Selection On the "Photo Selection" tab, the saved photos of your iPhone will be transmitted. Click on the photo you want to edit, and the software automatically determines your editing preferences. Several icons appear on the left and right of the screen. These icons have drop-down menus that allow you to add effects and borders. Other icons allow you to sketch, add soft focus, or sharpen photo light. Make sure you try all the icons and see the magic you can do on the pictures!


Photoshop Mobile iPhone does not have all the Adobe image editing features you are looking for. But this is surely one of the best tools in your mobile device. It's simple, navigable and fun. Moreover, the application is completely FREE!

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Source by Janine Angliongto

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