Philippine Civil Wedding: How Much Does It Cost to Affect?

When I was married to my husband and I married a civil wedding, it was not money, but halfway there – this is a completely different and long story. In most cases, however, if a couple decides to go to a civil wedding, they have something to do with the budget. This tells you how much a fast and simple civil wedding cost?

Dear Judge, here are our witnesses, now let's face it and speed it up.

This is where you and your spouse come to the court or mayor's office together with some witnesses (at least two closest friends who are under age or parents / guardian if both are under 18 years of age) and say "I am ". Smooth and simple. If you are in this category, the PHP5000 – PHP7000 budget must be sufficient to get married. That means there are only two witnesses. Here is a list that PHP5,000 – PHP7,000 can cover:

  1. Marriage License Request – When we were granted maternity leave in 2011, only PHP200 as I remember. Be sure to check the city official website fee as it may vary by city. Specifying PHP500 for this step is a safe journey.
  2. Honorary Officer's Prize – This may depend on the PHP500-PHP2500 maxt, depending on who will sanctify the union. You can choose the mayor, judge or registered solicitor. Their fees may change due to factors such as the wedding day. Some judges and mayors usually do not organize a civil wedding weekend. Women can always go to those white / light pink / peach clothes – those types that a Sunday mass is wearing is just a lot more beautiful. While I'm going to go to smart casual wear.
  3. Lunch, dinner, whatever it is! – It's easy to say that after-event alcohol consumption has to be treated. Wherever you want to eat, you can certainly tell how much budget is needed for four to seven people, right?
  4. Media Coverage – This section is completely optional, but it is definitely worth it! I mean, how better way to look back at your wedding than watching photos and videos? Nowadays, you will find independent videographers and photographers who will discover events such as debut, anniversaries and weddings for free, just to build their portfolios. In fact, if you are friends who like to make good photos and make good video coverage with some clever editing, you can not spend any money on this. All you have to say is that you did not find anyone who knows this for free. There are still suppliers who can offer their services at a favorable price. Some people can customize their service budget (wink). Again, this option is completely optional.

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