Parents: 4 programs that can be safe for children online

Smartphone parenting program can help children understand the term that should not be exceeded for their security in this digital world. Thus, these security programs can help educate and prevent children from taking certain actions and accessing inappropriate content such as text to strangers or to view adult subjects alike while at the same time respecting their privacy. If a parent intends to monitor the child / child's device for harmful actions in the modern age, there is a parental protection program that works well on mobile phones, as well as the desk is needed. This post will cover 4 of these programs that could help all parents keep the kids safe online from the dangers of society. But first, generally, what are these programs?

Best Parental Protection Program offers ways to limit the time spent on devices, filter for malicious words, images and videos, monitor online behavior, protect children's privacy, monitor usage and location, and close other apps or games after needs. So, without spending more time, let's look at the following 4 programs that offer these features, each parent should consider:


Qustodio is user-friendly, effective and great for busy parents. The dashboard recently shows the child's mobile project for all related devices, including the time of certain web pages like Instagram or Twitter. The dashboard also offers the option to set the time limit on a web page, track text, filter out racy pages, and set time limits for any game or app. It's relatively not invasive, yet effective – great program for controlling devices for children of many ages. Norton Family Premier

Norton Family Premier only deals with what feature a parent may request in their mobile services service. , which gives parents control over many features on many devices. Parents may not be able to track all the factors how kids use their Android phone, but with web-filtering, app-monitoring and location-tracking features, parents are sure to have enough control to remind children of the responsibility for using their mobile devices.

The Norton application, like Qustodio app, can help parents monitor multiple devices and many children. It's easy to set up age-related profiles on Norton Family Premier and even easier to connect to many devices.


SafeToNet is the security company that protects children from bullying, sexual abuse, and abuse of social networks. There is also a messaging app. SafeToNetapp is based on AI environment that can text the message that the kids get, figure out what's harmful and filter it before the damage is done. It's a deep technology, multifaceted solution that goes far beyond the AI ​​behavioral problem. It identifies changes in the behavior of the child and informs parents about suspicious changes.

"SafeToNet's SafeToNet Guarantee Online Online Risks Like Bullying, Sexual Crime, Abuse, and Aggression. It protects children from making mistakes and prevents harmful messages from being sent to social networks and messaging applications." ~ SafeToNet

SafeToNet systems are fully automated and do not require human actions to view content. Parents never get to see what their child sends and receives. This means that the right of the child to privacy is fully maintained and respected.

When the SafeToNet app is installed on the child's device and connected to its SafeToNet account, the software checks for any inappropriate image on the child's device (s). If such a picture is found, it will be downloaded and blurred so that it no longer shows share risk.


Bark, mobile phone security program for children online, created by Twitter alumni, hopes to blow a new path to child safety. The software uses computer programming to detect negative behavioral behavior on teenagers, including cyberbullying, sexting, depression and suicidal thoughts, and informs parents and school administrators of such threats.

The team name does all the work that operates in the background of mining red flags. It also works with most social venues, such as Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, YouTube and Kik, among others.

Bark, unlike conventional "parental controls", balances the respect of a child's right to privacy and protects them from online predators and online connections, but also looks at problems such as sexting or mental health problems. And in that connection it has been stated that school can be relieved.

Bark app does not give parents or school administrators full access to their children's social activities, but it monitors potential problems and identifies languages ​​that may be a concern. Codes like "CD9" or "9" – which say "parents are nearby" or "53X" for "sex" are examples of what the software brands are in their search.

All these 4 programs can affect online child safety, but it is recommended that every parent uses at least 2 of these programs to protect their children / children when they are online.

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