Palm Pre Vs iPhone

The show has officially started. Both phones have caught the attention of all men, women and children who have mobile phones. The question is now, the iPhone will supreme or will Palm Pre take a cake.

Some time before the Palm Pre sprint ended, a lot was marketed for the new phone. From television ads to web ads that seemed to be everywhere. So how did Palm Pre really do. Sprint issued a statement in which Palm Pre has the highest weekend selling of any mobile phone online to date. So generally, Sprint is saying Palm Pre is the best. Although the iPhone has not yet been released, it has attracted attention to leaking images of "what the phone looks like", of course, that were actual images of the phone itself.

Both phones have a beautiful look with a beautiful intuitive interface, both have minor complaints nothing big to stop people from buying either phone, so what's the biggest difference between the two.

The biggest difference is air carriers and support of the company. The iPhone has their famous app store around 50,000 as of today. App Store alone drives people to buy iPhone and by adopting new graphics capabilities, allowing better interactive games, Palm will have trouble keeping up. The Palm on the other hand has a better carrier. Right now, for all AT & T Cingular fans out there, I'm just saying this because AT & T is getting technology and enables you to get the full potential of iPhone 3Gs to its users. iPhone users will have to wait for a better connection and data service. Sprint, however, already offers 4G speeds to its customers who will offer faster download speeds, and maybe offer live video streaming, something that Europe already has and love. Last but not least, the upgrade to the new iPhone is very high. The lowest price to upgrade is wopping $ 399.

Source by Jaye Franklin

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