Paid Vs Freemium Model: iPhone developers disadvantages and pros

Paid or freemium model? Most developers leave this question to the last question. Great decision. In this post I will try to break down the disadvantages and benefits of the two models, so it is easier to decide which way to go.

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Paid Model:

Definition: Your app or game has a specific price.


– It does not allow users to try out the app for free.
– Reduces the size of the potential market.
– It's a danger. Unless you have a great opinion, users are illegally accepting payment and payment.


– As a developer you get your money in advance. Downloads = Cash flow.
– Users get what they pay for.
– Enables developers to take more risks. You can increase your investments during the development process as you know that you get the full return on the downloads.

Freemium Model:

Definition: There is a free application with limited features (or levels, etc.), plus a paid "premium" full version.

The free app is "Lite" or "Free" at the end of the title.

The premium app is "Pro & # 39; or & # 39; HD & # 39; or & # 39; Premium & # 39; at the end of its title. Personally, I recommend completing the address for free application and leaving the paid version.


– If free and pro apps are indistinguishable, users can be happy with the free version and are unwilling to pay.
– It's possible that selling a professional version is so low that it does not pause.
Two many choices. There have been numerous studies of the books that have concluded that the more choices there is for someone, the more likely they are to hinder decision making. Contrary to having a paid application that simplifies decision making. For the freemium model, it is necessary to check whether the pro app is worth the added functionality and if the free application is worth the lack of functionality. This opens up the full amount of worm, which is likely to result in fewer downloads.


– Can advertise on a free app that allows a second source of revenue for your application.
– People can try to apply a penny. This allows them to get to know the application, increasing the likelihood that users will switch to the full range.
– It immediately increases your potential market.

– Joey

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