Drone Usage In The Marine and Yachting Environment


Modern Drones are incredible machines that can make amazing things in the marine and yachting environments. They can be used to prevent fishing schools, find vertical or open spaces in the marina to drop anchor, locate an assigned server, preview the unspoilt beach or island, find items or drop-off persons, capture great videos, and still photos of The boat either anchors or running, or even releases security or other equipment to remote locations.

However, Drones needs to treat him differently when used in the country's land or land use, as well as specific models that are

1: Types and Drones Probability

There are Some Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing Drone For This Environment: DJI and Yuneec make the number of drones able to use in this environment. The Splash Drone is waterproof and makes wonderful Drone for this environment. GoPro and DJI have just introduced little new models that "break down" and fit into small backpacks and can fly for 20+ minutes in 20+ knots!

A: Size – Consider How and Where You Will Be Storing Drone aboard your yacht – in a bunker, in storage, in the control room. Drone should be stored in a safe place where visitors and crew will not drop into Drone or knone or kick on Drone.

B: Flight Time – consider flight time and battery skills. Small drones can have less than 10 minutes flight time, while larger Drones fly for up to 25 minutes. For a casual video, 10 minutes of flight time may be enough, although you are going to use Drone to find schools of fish or distant moorings, consider purchasing Drone with extended flight time.

C: Camera – Many Drones come equipped with their own camera, while others can use external cameras like Gopro or DSLR. Included cameras are all from low resolution with images stored on memory cards, while others can get 4k resolution (broadcast quality) and reissue live images with WIFI on smartphones, tablets, or controlled LCD screens. External cameras usually offer the owner more options and higher resolution but could not be fully integrated with the enclosed management system.

An example is the Yuneec Typhoon G installed to use GoPro Hero3 or 4K 4K cameras. This is a great set up that receives unusually stable video in most windy situations. But the network operator can see what the camera sees on the Typhoon controller LCD, but the administrator can not control any of GoPro's features, and the operator must activate the GoPro capture key before taking Burt, and can only close video recording after Drone is downloaded.

D: Can handle mild conditions – This is a significant issue that operators need to keep in mind when purchasing Drone. Many of the little and older Drones, like the older Parrot AR Drone or the new SYMA X5SW Drone, lack many features and are unable to stabilize flight when they have more than 5-10 knots of wind. In addition, these drones do not have stable jewels of camera equipment to smooth out the cries and gyrations in windy conditions. Larger drones and drones with better electronic systems and gimbled camera mount aboard have better high wind video capabilities.

E: Retrievable – many small drones do not have "home" capabilities and are difficult to encounter in any condition. Most new drones have highly developed "home" capabilities and can land back to their starting point automatically.

Most, if not all Drones today, utilize GPS. Other drones use a hand-held or wrist-up device so that Drone can "home in" on a controller or other device location. Newer Drones combines the combination of visual recognition and GPS positions of the administrator. The latest DJI Drone has a camera that looks like taking thousands of pictures as it takes off and then compiling the photos at the landing point. In my opinion, this is a great technique if you are using Drone from a ferry or boat!

Another feature introduced by new drones is prototype technology that allows Drone to "see" and avoid shipwrecks, Radarboga and other structures that may affect the flight or landing.

2. Safe use of Drone aboard – A Drone is a robot that uses high-speed propeller screws that can cause significant damage if Drone touches operators or guests aboard. Operators must be aware of who is near Drone, both taking off and landing. In addition, operators should avoid throwing radar bumps, shovels, flags, aviation bridges and other ships and ships. Operators must be sure to plan how they will use Drone – from a bow, stern, open bridge or bridge cap.

3. Secure storage on Drone Aboard – I recommend that the lined soft or hard case be used to transport and store Drone on board a yacht, boat or ship. Bringing Drone on board a cruise ship, boat or ship without storage, is requesting damages.

4. Handling drone while on the table – Be sure to provide some tools with Drone tools: small pliers and screwdrivers, small Allen wench sets, spare screws, mini wrench sets, nuts and screws Valves, screws removal tool, small pocket knife, lathes, tape, endpoint wipe, silica pad to protect your drone from saline and saline, etc. It is necessary to use a large fresh water tension to wash saline if your drone goes swimming!

Be sure to add spare parts – a lot of them – spare parts, protective charger, 12V and 110V battery, battery-powered cables, battery power and / or controller chargers and spare parts.

5. Drone Limits While Piloting Is Over Water – The operator must be aware of the use of the battery and their drone flight time. Most controllers show Drone's loading level. At a 50% level, I highly recommend the operator to begin the process of retrieving Drone or Drone can go swimming! In addition, the operator should connect the stopwatch to the operator so that the operator is aware of the flight time.

Keep in mind that while Drone is running is relatively quick and easy, you can land and download Drone. Very demanding and consuming any remaining battery.

6. Drone Batteries – Most, if not all batteries used for Drones and their controllers are LIPO batteries and are subject to high temperature and require very specific charging and storage methods. LIPO batteries should be transported in a special package and not safely in the Drone. Special chargers need to charge LIPO batteries. In addition, it may take up to 2 hours to recharge the batteries in the battery, so that Drone's operator is sure that batteries and batteries are charged when the operator and drone come on board. The operator should allow enough time to recharge the batteries after use. Operators should consider buying a battery charger.

7. Using smartphones and tablets – Managers should practice how to connect the disk to the smartphone and / or Drones tablet's charts. Onboard a motor boat, it's not time to get to know Drone's operations. It is especially important if your carrier uses a GoPro camera as the operator must learn the WiFi "pairing" method so that the drone, Controller and GoPro camera interact.

Screen hood is necessary to have accessories To operate the drone in bright sunlight! Managers should know how to connect the hood to the device and how to use the touch pad with the hood.

Managers should consider adding strings attached to the manager – prevents the operator from escaping and allows the operator to use both hands to work with Drone on landing.

8. Use of Mechanical Protection Officers – I recommend that operators use engine protection at Drone. They are available from most manufacturers or from third parties. Most simply snap-in place, like the yuneec Typhoon G, while others, like the SYMA series screwdrivers, need very little Phillips head screws and screw the attachment.

Not only will the guards prevent drone's screws from harming the visitors and crew, but they also help prevent drone from drifting into a sailing boat that stands and runners, fishing boats, channelbars, radio tennis and bubbles, Navigation lights and safety signs! Baskets must be an accessory!

9. Drone recovered methods for windy conditions – Drones are difficult, if not impossible to land safely in blue condition. In most cases, the operator operates the "home" button and hopes for the best. Another way is to set the Drone Air and "Drop the Drone Out of Heaven" and hope it's on deck or cockpit.

Another method is that the operator can "hover" Drone within Operators reach and then the carrier simply takes the landing gear and drops Drone. The operator should be sure to wear gloves as the operator could easily get a fingerblade from the screws.

Another method is to attach the thin line of gravity to Drone so that when Drone is near, the operator is simply

New drones are cameras and software with cameras that are able to land on Drone in a very Blue conditions and shipping ships or ships.

Keep in mind that in windy conditions or if you operate on a cargo ship or even a passenger ship, you may have to fly Drone out for a yacht or ship and then let Drone "drive" Back into the landing position, but you can move the drone down to the deck. I witnessed Drone carrier trying to land his drone on a cruise ship that was moving on 20+ knots. Instead of applying the above technology, the operator tried to minimize his Drone battery (!!) and attempted to land Drone by moving the Drone midship and then flying to Drone to the side of the upper deck. The operator did not at all manage to run aside in 20+ nodes and completely destroy his $ 4,000 drone when it's collapsed in the steel structure of the cruise ship!

Conclusion: Drones are a great tool for navigating or marine use, but operators need to be aware of their limits, set up procedures, safety, have the necessary tools and spare parts aboard to enjoy the enjoyment and make amazing talents Drones.

Source by Randall Burg

Mobile phone – the most important invention in the 20th century?

Depending on who you ask. The mobile phone is either the greatest invention of the twentieth century or the most annoying. It is unthinkable that the technology behind the mobile phone is one of the biggest inventions, and technological advances continue to make cell phones an increasingly popular device.

Mobile phones have changed the world of communication. From the first call made in 1946 on one of the simple handfuls of portable phones to millions, probably billions of calls made today, the mobile phone or mobile phone has changed communication forever.

Today's Day

Before experiencing the mobile phone, people went on a daily basis about their daily lives – even though they did not know they did. When a friend or family member went on vacation, they began to wonder if the trip was guaranteed. When a child went to college students, they asked if they did without trouble in the car. It is doubtful that people have even realized that they are always in the questionnaire.

The mobile phone changed all the questions. Now mothers could call and find out if the children made it to a destination without causing any unhappiness. Husbands could tell their women when they appeared late.

If they were not wondering where they were, they would wish they'd remember telling them something before they were away from the office or home. Maybe it was to stop and pick up the kids or go to the bank because they called the lender. Whatever the reason for the mobile device of the invention, they would have to wait to see them and send them back to take care of the case.

Mobile phones have made contact with longer distances easier than ever before. For the most part, the cost of calling over long distances is much cheaper by using mobile phones than landline.

Emergency Situation

Mobile phones have changed access to emergency services. Car accidents are called by more than one person in most cases and help can be sent to the forum faster than ever before. If power goes out or phone lines cut off intruders no longer understands a person in isolation, they have the phone to dial.

Mobile phone service has been responsible for saving more lives than has been calculated. Was anyone trying to put a number on it, it would undoubtedly be in millions, simply because of contacting help no matter where you are located. Doctors can now be in touch with their emergency services at all times, enabling them to respond to emergencies.

Mobile phones have become a key component of search and rescue equipment. The chances are that the lost person will have a mobile phone. The mobile phone can be geographically navigated using navigation and GPS built in most new mobile phones.

Law Enforcement

Same Guidance / GPS Technology That Makes It Easy Finding lost people also makes it easier for law enforcement to trace refugees or missing children. More often than not, forget the criminals that mobile phones can be operated. They leave invisible footprints in their wake for the police and others to follow. These cookies, in the form of pings sent to the communications from their phones, will also be important in prosecution cases.

In addition to tracing criminals, law enforcement now finds more crimes more quickly than ever before. A hesitant citizen who does not want to participate in physical involvement in crime will usually call it to the police.


Business Communications

The days are missing when a business deal is lost because he is not in the office. Nowadays you can seal business relationships even when on vacation. The mobile phone has opened the office 24 hours a day in some cases. Being out of the office is no longer possible because most businessmen are bound to their office through their phones.

Technology has moved the office to mobile phones by adding smartphones and email over the phone.

The Flip Side

On the other side of the discussion about mobile phones are those who argue These mobile phones monopolize people's time. With mobile phones, the working day has never passed and the time to delete a family or friends can be permanently interrupted unless the device is switched on.

There are also security issues with mobile phones. Drivers who can not wait until they stop talking are at greater risk of an accident. Using a headset helps the problem, but does not eliminate it because the focus is still on the conversation.

Another security issue that is still under discussion is whether they are bad for public health or not. Some doctors argue that by having a cell phone on your ear it can constantly cause brain tumors. Although the jury is still on a particular answer, it is worth checking out.

Then there is an unclean factor. Diners enjoy a quiet, relaxing dinner certainly do not want to hear what's happening in the lives of others and cell phones have just done it. Most people do not use the correct phone protocol and you can hear the story, ring, or tones of mobile phones just about anywhere. The Future

As technology advances in features and features available on mobile devices, they become more important in daily work. Banking, billing, and more can be done while on the move and a running event. The mobile phone has reduced time that is more productive. Parents waiting for school to drop out can do their banking or check their home email.

Those who argue against them are fighting that seems to be losing battles. Not only are they here to be, but they are promoting what they can do. The world today has been shaped and will continue to shape it from the phone.

Source by Sam D Goddard

How To Get Good In RPG Games

Role Playing Games Have Never Been Popular. Large titles of the genre include Final Fantasy, Oblivion, Star Ocean and Mass Effect, games you've heard unless you've been rocking in the last decade. In that case, I'm so sorry and happy to find this article. I do not know how you read this today but I love to serve you with the following knowledge. Knowledge of how to succeed in role-playing or in short, RPG.

Haste is bad

Games of this genre tend to be very long and big. It's one big adventure. But the truth is that this game can usually be completed rather quickly. One of the biggest role-playing games in recent years has to be unexpected. Game that allows you to walk freely in a big world. Although the game is enough to entertain for 100+ hours, the main thing can be completed within 10 hours. But with side stories and enhancements your character can become stronger and in the future the story becomes easier. It's an article in RPG that you should not finish soon, but take time to train your character and find new rare items. It will make your experience much easier!

Leave Battle

Every game has a different approach to fighting. Older Final Fantasy games for example were turn-based, meaning time was not summed up. But Oblivion and Final Fantasy 12 (the latest version of the PS2 edition) are very temporary and mean it matters how long it takes you to find things or magic. As a result, you must know how the fight works in and out to succeed in these games.

Utilize weaknesses

As in reality, every character and monster in this case has weaknesses and difficulties. Strengths. For example, your main character can have very strong spells but lack of physical strength. In this case, use the magic to win your battle. The same goes for the enemies you are fighting. Find out what their weaknesses are and the battle will go without a doubt.


It is necessary that you use the items and strengths you have at your disposal. Understand how to cure curtain curse like poison or blind. And use the necessary things. Nobody has ever done RPG without using things like potions or ethers.

And that's all it is. With these tips you can beat all the RPG in the market. Good luck and I hope you experience a great adventure in the comfort of your own living room.

Become a Good Rpg

Source by Robin Chung

Importance of Web Development Development

Web database development is the process of creating a webpage that does not contain a sitting on server files, but on columns and tables in a database. A site that stores data in the file system is a static website; The website that is a database drive is the most time referred to as a dynamic website. More functionality is offered by a powerful web site, but with a standstill. Some of these features are as follows:

  • Shopping Cart,
  • custom home page,
  • The ability to store large amounts of data about your business – services and products.
  • Detailed search result with user capabilities to filter results in particular fields, such as "date" or "price :,
  • Users' ability to sign up for a newsletter or send their question to the forum, post a comment and update their format,
  • ability to integrate with corporate applications, such as HR systems, CRM systems,
  • reducing maintenance on site,
  • Increase Web Traffic
  • ability to easily perform statistical analysis and complex queries,
  • If you are a technologically qualified person, you may be able to work on developing your web design.

However, if you believe you do not have the necessary skills, you can hire a group of data bank developers, many of whom are on the internet. But how do you like the team that is best for you? First of all, the company should have a strong background in web design and database. They should be able to have the right tools and technology and have previous experience of implementing this latest software and technology in the development.

In addition to the above requirements, you should also examine the specific knowledge of developers and engineers. Make sure they have years of experience in developing web databases. Staff of engineers and developers must be an expert. Creating a database-driven website requires not only graphic artists and web designers, but rather a full team of skilled web developers, web development engineers and application developers.

These experts in developing a web database should be closely aligned with you so they will be able to determine the requirements and needs of your website. They should also be able to evaluate your existing database (if any) and analyze the correct solution and technology that they should perform. So before you sign any contract with any database developer, you should have a list of their talented teams. They should have design consultations with you to ensure that you have a data-based website.

In these days of the Internet, database-driven websites are most popular. Users need very powerful and interactive web solutions, so websites should be able to receive this requirement of users. If your website is a database driven, it is certain that it will always be updated and ready to gather information for online visitors. Repeat visitors will be attracted to your site if it feels useful, highly interactive and productive. The benefits it offers are much better than what static websites can do.

Source by Sanjana Antony

History of the Word Search

Being a relatively simple concept in its essence may be the word search for some images for many years. But it's not really the case, as word search is less than 50 years old, and it was a good idea that some other popular word-related games were created, such as crossword puzzles and scrabble.

The man proposed to create The first word search is Norman Gibat, who published them in small local paper in Normal, Oklahoma, which is assigned to a classified listing called Selenby Digest. The word immediately seeks to catch and soon a local teacher requests additional titles as a task for his students. For a long time, they were sending them to other teachers outside their region, and the word search eventually became an organization that appeared in newspapers around the world.

Online word search is now enough and can be addressed in any way with different forms, from the smallest boards of typical newspapers or children's publications, to the most gargantuan, housing dozens of words hidden among hundreds of characters. Some puzzles may only put words in the front positions, some only vertically and horizontally, while others put them back and in the diagonal. In some puzzles, the words will not overlap each other, which means that each character uses us only for one word or not at all, while others overlap.

Many different puzzle-related websites also have word searcher tools that allow people to design their own puzzles. They can determine which words to look for, whether they can overlap each other on the table, how much the table or other items related to the layout and design of the puzzle.

For many years, several varieties of traditional puzzles have occurred. One popular change has a hidden hint or a series of words left of letters unused in the puzzle. These characters may appear in a row from bottom to bottom, left to right, or they may need to decode using a questionnaire or hint.

Another change changes how you search for words. Instead of the words being directly line, the words can be jutted to each other in any of the 8 directions. This makes hints far more difficult to accomplish by scanning for a full word, and requires the methodological approach to be used. This form is chosen by some players, while others enjoy looking in full terms, with or without knowledge of what words to look for.

Word search has always proved attractive to the children and the children The words Do a great job by engaging in their minds, teaching them new words and, in the case of local wordpuzzles, show them how different ideas and things Are interconnected. Yet whether young or old word-seekers are stress-free and fun ways to achieve time.

Source by Dave Shimoda

How to read text messages online – Find out what the text of man is!

Are you interested in what matters to you as always seems to be text? Want to know how to read text messages online? Do you want to know why your significant never allows you to read their text and always spends them before you have the opportunity to read them? Promising the way to read the text of significant others is online.

Many people try to read text by taking the phone when they have left unattended. However, the likelihood that if they left the phone unattended, they probably delete all text messages online. You can not find all the text that will show you why your spouse works so strange with your phone. Want to know where to learn how to read text messages online?

What if there was a way that showed you how to read text messages online without your spouse knowing where? What if you could go undetectable by him or her so they never know you've been searching on their phone? What if you could do it all from the comfort of your computer by going online? You do not need to take the risk of taking your partner's call and then try to look through it when you probably will not find anything good. You could finally be able to go through any phone and always know who's texting. You could finally be relieved of all the stress of not knowing who your other important people are talking to.

Source by Curt Lanzer

10 Top Tools For Java Application Designers

Now Java is more popular than other programming languages. There is also a programming language that is used widely by developers to build desktop GUI applications, web applications, web services and mobile applications. But developers still need powerful frames, ideas, and development tools to quickly and efficiently write the applications to Java. Each developer also has the option to choose from many Java frameworks, software and development tools according to his specific needs.

Overview of 10 widely used Java frames, ideas and development tools

1) Spring MVC

Spring is one of ripe And popular Java web frame in the market. In addition to supporting the software development method for the Model View (MVC) software, Spring also facilitates common programming languages ​​such as database integration, creation of web services and security. Programmers also have the option of using Spring Boot to create a Java web application that can be distributed without dealing with any complex XML settings. Spring Boot further includes a number of ready-made actions such as health checks, metrics and external settings. The latest version of the frame comes with a command-line tool that allows programmers to run Groovy scripts and prototype web applications quickly using spring.

2) JavaServer Faces Technology (JSF)

Oracle has developed JavaServer Faces Technology (JSF) as a public Java EE web framework. The framework developed through the Java community process helps programmers to create a server-side user interface quickly. It allows users to quickly create websites by keeping the promoter separate from logic programs. Developers can even use JavaServer Faces UI component tags to connect the application logic and presentation of the project without writing an additional code. Community members also regularly provide a new JavaServer Faces API to simplify the Java web development process.

3) Vaadin

Vaadin facilitates programmers to write server-component in one-page web application in Java. The designers can also use Vaadin to develop web versions with HTML. They can even use powerful Vaadin Elements that contain a variety of custom HTML components for business applications. They can even use items like tablets, databases, and pay boxes to extend the Google Polymer library. Tools that Vaadin Pro provides provides additional help developers to make their web applications more interactive and mobile-friendly, along with reducing code time significantly.

4) Google Web Toolkit (GWT)

Google's web tool helps developers make the web app more receptive by compiling Java code in JavaScript. As JavaScript is supported by all modern web browsers, expand the summary of accessibility and performance of your website. GWD SDK contains compiler and development server along with the core Java APIs and gadgets. These factors allow developers to write applications on client side in Java, and then install the front page code as JavaScript. At the same time, GWT accepts the translator code by removing death code and reducing transfer bottlenecks.

5) Grails

Grails is a version of Ruby on Rails For Java platform written in Groovy programming language. Programmers can merge Grails seamlessly with the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). They also have the option to extend and expand the frame by creating custom plugins or using existing plugins. At the same time, they can also take advantage of some advanced features that include frames, including NoSQL support, integrated ORM, asynchronous programming and compilation metaphor. Users can also use a domain-specific language to perform query, confirmation, and meaning.

6) Play Framework

In addition to being a MVC web frame, Play is also designed with features to simplify web site development. The frame also supports multiple JVM-based programming languages, including Java and Scala. Features like stateless service and asynchronous I / O type Play different from other Java frames. Users can further utilize the code refresh feature properties to examine the effects of changes made to the code without delay without rebuilding or restarting the entire project. The play further enables developers to utilize a variety of plugins, testing tools and IDEs while helping developers build scalable web applications.

7) Dropwizard

Modern and lightweight frame, Dropwizard helps developers build and distribute both Java web applications and web services. It further emphasizes the glue between various parts to provide integrated development of experience for developers. The latest version of Dropwizard further takes advantage of the new features provided with Java 8 to enhance compatibility and security applications. It allows developers to monitor and evaluate the code's behavior in the production environment using Metric libraries.

8) Eclipse

Open source IDE is written in Java, and designed to simplify the development of a variety of Java applications. It supports main platforms like Windows, Linux and OS X. Users can easily customize Eclipse as needed by using a wide range of plugins and add-ons. They can even take advantage of useful features that Eclipse offers, including Windows Builder, XML editors and tools, Maven Integration, Git Team Provider, Mylyn Task List, and Code Recommenders Developer Tools.

9) NetBeans

Open Source IDE is written in Java, enabling developers to build desktop, web and mobile applications with Java. In addition to being over the platform, NetBeans also supports a number of programming languages ​​as well as Java. Users can further build a variety of Java applications efficiently by utilizing strong NetBeans features, including quick and smart version code, GUI development tools, static diagnostic tools, debugger and profiles. Also, NetBeans makes it easier for developers to upgrade existing applications to Java 8.

10) JSource

Despite being a lightweight IDE, JSource provides features for easy crossing Application development with java. It is also fully developed with Swing components. JSource is also designed with features to help programmers to create, edit, assemble and run a variety of Java files efficiently. However, it supports syntax highlight for some programming languages ​​as well as Java. Java developers also have the ability to integrate JSource with other comprehensive Java frameworks and development tools.

Generally, Java programmers have the ability to choose from many frameworks, IDEs and development tools. But each tool may not meet all the needs of each project. Therefore, developers must choose the right Java development tools in accordance with the requirements of individual projects. He may even consider combining these frameworks, ideas, and development tools to enhance the performance and performance of Java applications.

Source by Arun Kumar Biswal

Mobile phones – Good & Bad Manners

Almost everyone uses mobile phones but not everyone has good behavior when using one, how often have we seen someone driving along the highway, even children in the back, talking With their mobile phones? This is not only a very bad behavior, it is also illegal in most countries of the world.

There are some very simple criteria, usually just common sense about how to use a mobile phone without being abnormal or justified. How often have I found out to remind someone who should call their phone, that the signal will not hurt if they lower their voice! Then you want some people to hear all the information about their love life or whether they should get more milk from the store, but it might make them feel important.

So what are common courtesy guidelines while using Mobile?

1. Do not talk and drive.

2. No need to shout, it's a phone not a phone, this is a very bad behavior, soft talked, your mobile phone has a very sensitive microphone.

3. Turn off movies, at a restaurant, at church, at concerts and in hospitals, libraries and elsewhere that could prevent it.

4. Please turn off during the date! You will not look popular, you will look like a tool and a bad maniac in it.

5. All these guidelines also apply to texting.

6. Remember to keep your mobile phone conversations private, step outside when you're in business, and do not forget to apologize when you do it.

7. Abnormal ringtones are well .. abnormal, we do not want to hear a whirlwind or a noise of gunfire, bad noise = bad behavior, please do not call ringtones so everyone is jumping.

The mobile phone has become so very widely used very quickly, we have not really had the opportunity to get what used them and I suspect some are still preventing basic mobile etiquette. When in doubt, let your phone vibrate so that you see each call and write a monument to call them back or go to more private people to talk, having a good phone handler is just common sense.

Source by Maya Couzins

6 Useful Tips to Extend Your iPhone Battery Life

Poor battery life for iPhone can cause a variety of problems. However, it is possible to get the most out of full battery power by using the built-in applications and resources properly. Here are six useful tips to extend the usable life of your iPhone battery:

App Refresh

iPhone has a clever app refreshing features that occur in the background. This app detects the most used applications and ensures that they are kept up to date with the latest version. If you use many different apps every day, this can mean that iPhone works a lot when it should be asleep.

Use Auto Brightness

The Auto Brightness menu is a memory powerful option to control the brightness of the display. The iPhone also has an ambient light sensor that sits in the background and adjusts the brightness needed to match the situation. But abandoning this type of application or similar features that are constantly running in the background will soon take advantage of battery life.


Soon, using the Bluetooth battery.

Location Services

iPhone has a built-in GPS that is practical for driving directions. If you're less likely to use it for a few days, you can turn it off. , Find a restaurant or other card use. Many rarely use location services, so it may benefit from turning off this feature to save battery power.

Update Applications Automatically

Most downloaded downloads are designed to automatically update when the latest release is released. If you have a lot of non-frequently used applications, you may find it better to disable this feature and update most of the most used applications manually.

Download the Battery

You do not have to waste your battery life completely before the next charge. It may be useful to prevent the lithium battery from reaching 0%. The preferred option is to keep the battery charge by 50% or more. When the battery life is below this signal, you may want to reload it. However, it is not necessary to complete a full recharge every day. Constantly charging the battery to 100% in the long run will start to shorten its usage time. The best option is to keep the lithium-ion battery at around 40% to 80% for best results.

Source by Leo Eigenberg

N10-006 exam

Question: 1

The technician needs to limit the amount of online broadcasting and allow different things to interact with each other. Which of the following options would meet these requirements?

A. Add a router and activate OSPF.

B. Add layer 3 and create VLAN.

C. Add bridge between two switches.

D. Add a firewall and perform the correct ACL.

Answer: B

Question: 2

Network setup failed test in MDF. The traffic that is transferred is a mix of multicast and unicast labels. Which of the following would best handle rerouting caused by service disruption?

A. Layer 3 switch

B. Proxy Broker

C. Layer 2 switch

Answer: A

Question: 3

Which of the following networks uses ACL to prevent unauthorized access to business systems? IDS

B. Firewall

C. Content Filter

Answer: B

Question: 4

Which of the following is used to define how much bandwidth can be used With various online protocols?

A. Traffic Shaping

B. High availability

C. Load balance

Question: 5

Which of the following is used to confirm remote external-related employees? (Choose TWO).


B. VTP trunking

C. Virtual PBX


E. 802.1x

Answer: D, E

Question: 6

Which of the following provides accounting, authorization and confirmation with a centralized database, as well as a challenge / Answer and password encryption?

A. Multifactor authentication



D. Network Access Access

Answer: C

Question: 7

An engineer must set aside addresses in DHCP pool so that certain servers always get the same address. Which of the following should be set?

A. Leases

B. Helper addresses

C. Scopes

D. Inquiry:

Answer: D

Question: 8

Joe, a server, installs a DHCP server on the LAN. Which of the following options should Joe configure in the DHCP scope to allow machines in the local area network by using a dynamic IP address to access the Internet and its servers? (Choose three).

A. Default gateway

B. Base Unit

C. Bookings

D. TFTP server

E. The rental period is 1 day

F. DNS servers

Answer: A, B, F

Question: 9

The technician just made a new external website and setup access rules in the firewall. After a few tests, only users from the internal network can access the page. The web site responds to ping from the internal network and solves the correct web address. Which of the following could the technician do to fix this issue while causing internal users to lead to the site with an internal address?

A. Set NAT on the firewall

B. Use the risk horizon DNS

C. Put the server in DMZ

Question: 10

When you install a new server, a technician requests that an MX file be created in DNS for a new server.

Answer: B

Question: 10

New server, but the file was not entered correctly. Which of the following was most likely installed as required MX files to work properly?

A. Load balance

B. FTP server

C. Firewall DMZ

Answer: D

Question: 11

Which of the following protocols uses a signal of the switching process and the center line to Forward traffic? ] A. BGP



Answer: D

Question: 12

Which following is most likely to use the RJ-11 interface to connect Computer with servers with a POTS line?

A. Multilayer Switch

B. Access Point

C. Analogue Modulated

The administrator takes note of an unused cable behind a cabinet that is closed with a DB-9 connector. Which of the following codes of conduct was most likely used on this cable?

A. RS-232

B. 802.3


Answer: A

Question: 14

Which of the following connectors is used to disconnect DS3 connections in telecommunications equipment?

A. 66 block


C. F-connector

Answer: B

Question: 15

F-interface is used on each of the following types of cabling?


B. Single fashion fiber


Answer: D

Question: 16

A network technician must use multimode fibers to align new network devices. Which of the following Ethernet standards could the technician use? (Choose TWO).

A. 1000Base-LR

B. 1000Base SR

C. 1000Base-T

D. 10GBase-LR

E. 10GBase SR

F. 10GBase-T

Answer: B, E

Question: 17

Correct TEXT

You have been assigned a test of CAT5e cable. A summary of the results can be found on the screen.

Step 1: Select the tool used to create results from the cable tests.

Step 2: Understand the results and select the option that explains the results.

Question: 18

Network engineer needs to install topology that will not fail if it is available by clicking Submit Cable Test Analysis & # 39; button. Deviation of one piece of dentistry. However, the computers need to wait to talk online to avoid congestion. Which of the following materials would engineer implement?

A. Star

B. Bus

C. Ring

Answer: C

Question: 19

Networking using central devices with point points on any other device is which of the following ?

A. Star

B. Call

C. Mesh

Answer: A

Question: 20

Which of the following networking networks has a central, single point of failure ?

A. Call

B. Star

C. Hybrid
Answer: B

Question: 21

Each of the following refers to a network that covers several buildings Which are within walking distance of each other?




Answer: A

Question: 22

Which of the following structure structure structures were used to support With files transferred between Bluetooth





Answer: A

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