Think Big Start Small – SPQR – 10 Ways for Low Profit – Quick Return

Introduction : Think of a big Roman emperor and take small steps in Owns own sovereignty. The reason for a big vision is to have the clarity of purpose. The reason for taking childbirth is to get results quickly. The sooner you can get & # 39; returns & # 39; The better. Returns may take the form of reimbursement as much as income or saved costs. There is no transaction going according to (trade) plan.

Plan for the Horizon : Be very worried about what's on the horizon – that's where you're Head, but be busy with what's on the agenda. That's what will get you there. Live your future now; If you do not, it will soon be your past. The return will be larger if the plan is written large. While planning is important, let yourself be unexpected – do not avoid opportunities that pop up simply because they were not in the program.

Sell your prototype : If it's all you're I'm ready, sell it, at a big discount maybe. Or even give it away (protect your invention, of course). Receiving feedback on the early features will ensure you get back purchases from the rest and will ensure that you can make Mark II better. It's all the idea behind software designers that launch Beta releases for free. It's next best to be your own customer.

Working with Primary Users : You can work with leading users and offer them special offers instead of being available as a reference when your final product is on the market. When I started trading, I was very happy to work from day one with a company that was always asking from others for advice. I bid more for use than was paid, but "left" was created for a long time.

Product Offer : This may be a way to sell Service before the product is ready. There are many services you can perform if you have expertise to produce products. Your knowledge allows you to offer time for sale faster than perfecting something you need to produce. The fee you receive returns the income you can apply for the production process.

Keep yourself in easy reach first : You might think of a big plan for your product line, but you should not wait until everything is in place before you start selling. Selling a few things will make your earnings flow and, more importantly, you will start receiving customer feedback before you are fully committed. You can even go out and sell the special one you meet when you have signed an order. Thus, you will prevent exclusion of items that have not worked or were unacceptable for customers to a greater extent.

Test Management Process : If you plan to open a restaurant to offer a meal throughout the day, start opening for just one meal, say in the evening. Then you can use the day to do all you need to do before you start running, like visiting suppliers. Your cooking methods that have gone down in the evening can be perfect at a close time the next day, without preventing food production when your customers wait.

Selling Near Home : Small customers close to home can not seem exciting and be without much potential, but they will be easier to sell and sales costs will be lower. Getting paid is likely to be easier. If it is delayed, you can visit the customer personally. Challenge the payment of long distance calls is always harder and you need all the cash flow that you can get to cover your operating expenses. Your margin will be better in the short term if you can keep the cost of sales down.

Go for low hanging fruit : You have to organize big or complex sales that will give you the best performance, but you can easily get a sale of ripe fruit that is right near it , Will help you along the way, but bigger ones are ripe. A huge return on these quickly made sales is that it is possible to speed up the reaction and renewal of the product.

Have employees on duty : Of course you want to hire the people you think you need for your business but if you take employees on payroll, you need to be sure that you can pay them And regularly. Perhaps you should be thinking of creative ways that you can get around the level of commitment. You can hire staff in a call. What work can you negotiate? Can you pay for an hour or so, or is it possible for part-time work? Only take work that is absolutely necessary. The returns you receive from hiring employment is to keep money in business with the original risk factor.

Do not Go To Broke : There are several startup companies, like in High Tech, where you may need to make large sums of money in front of you before you can sell an item. But most activations work best if you work with as little money as possible. If you're hungry, you'll find ways to get that important income instead of funding. There are many entrepreneurs who have wasted a lot of time investing investors when they might have been on the road selling products. In any case, you will be better off attracting funding if you have a track record back back.

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Beginner's Computer Appreciation (Part 1)

For those who really want to be perfect in computer operations and understanding, this article that comes in "Things" will guide you carefully from the basics of your PC to complex use of software in the system . Before you start using the applications in the system, he or she wants to understand the system component and their usage. And then I want to let you know about the meaning of your computer and probably computer generations.

Definition of computer system

Computers are defined in so many ways by so many situations based on their specialization. Computer is a collection of related and interactive devices that use electronic components to perform preconceived operation with accuracy. But in general, a computer system can simply be defined as an electronic device capable of accepting data as an input, processing data, storing the data and giving a result as output in readable form. The four main components of the computer are Display, Keyboard, Mouse and System unit.

A short story about a computer

Computer history and development is always attributed to Charles Babbage, father computer and Lady Ada Lovelace, mother programming. The computer we have come to use today completely without much stress and difficulty was not invented as we have seen but through the series of processes and stages. There are five generations of computer as briefly discussed below:

The first generation computer (The Vacuum Tube Technology)

This generation of computers consists of computers developed in 1944 and 1959. ENIAC (Electronic Speech and Calculator), EDSAC (Electronic Terminal Storage Automated Computers) and UNIVAC 1 and 11 are first generation computers. This generation of computers was very bulky, loosens a lot of heat, some were very heavy and weigh up to 200 tons. Because of the heat they needed a special cooling system. Characteristic technology of this generation was the use of vacuum pipes as a basic structure for the logic of computer parts. In terms of speed, they were much slower compared to computers of later generations.

Second Generation Computer (The Transistor Technology)

The technology, which gave the characteristic features of the second generation of the computer, was a technology transistor. Although this device was developed in 1948 at Bell Telephone Laboratories and used mainly in the electronic world, it was not until 1959 that it was introduced to computer production. These crawlers replaced the bulky vacuum tubes. In addition to doing all that vacuum could do, transistors would do it with greater reliability, with less energy, generate less heat, cheaper to produce and much smaller in size. The computer that was developed in 1959-1964 is called second generation computers. Examples: IBM 7030, 7070, 7090, 7094, Boroughs 200 series, UNIVAC III, Honey-well 800 etc. The development of high-level programming, such as FORTRAN and COBOL, was another innovation that emerged from the second generation of the computer and was 10 times faster than first.

Third generation computers (integrated circuit technology)

Between 1964 and 1971, third-generation computers were developed. It was a technology integrated circuit that opened the sides of third generation computers. In fact, we can say that integrated circuit technology really works the computer technology itself. Built-in circuits are attached to a small piece of silicon chip. This technology cam gradually from Small Scale Integration (SSI), which contained about twenty interconnected transistors and diode, through Medium Scale Integration (MSI), which had over one hundred chip single-chip transistors, to Large Scale Integration (LSI) over tens of Thousands of clocks and diode on a single chip. The performance of integrated circuit technology led to an even faster, more reliable, inexpensive and small computer, as the powers were multiple of previous generations. In pain, this generation of computers gave birth to small computers, whose power power was more than the previous generation, greater reliability and speed, but was much less in size and in cost. They could do hundreds of as many calculations per second and one hundred times faster than their other generation counterparts. Examples: IBM 31360 – 31370 series, CDC 6600, 7600, Boroughs B5000 and PDP II series.

Fourth generation computers (VLSIC micro technology

Very large-scale integrated cycle (VLSIC), possible with the microelectronics of the period 1971-1982, began in the fourth generation of the computer. VLSIC has between 5,000 and 50,000 sides (transistors), where microprocessors were built. The impact of this technology was smaller and less than more and more powerful computers that accelerated and reliably lost in previous generations. This era also created the processors who could work for the first generation of big computers at thousands of faster speeds and affordable prices, even after the individual. This generation also produced a wide range of software packages such as word processing packages, graphics, games, spreadsheets and database management. Networking was also increased during this period. Examples of fourth generation computers include IBM 3033, HP 3000 mini computers, Apple II, Boroughs B7700.

Fifth Generation Computers (Era of Artificial Intelligence)

The technology of this generation of computers is characterized by ultra large scale (ULSI), Ultra Large Scale Integration (ULSI), parallel processing, Artificial Intelligence, Voice Processing, Minority and Expert System. The characteristic features of this generation of computers are the enormous speed and power of them. Continuous computer simulation is the order of the day, newer, smaller, powerful computers are shown day by day. Powerful microcomputers have today reduced the potential of older days. Pentium II motherboard with clock speed greater than 300 MHz and storage of hard disk over 20 Gigabyte with incredible devices, are now affordable, even with low revenue. Networks, ranging from local, wide area to servers, are common features of this generation of computers and have reduced the whole world into an international village.

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Part One of the Early History of Subwoofers – 1950's 1970's

Anyone who is a car buzzer or who has passed it by will know what the subwoofer is. Subwoofers are used to create this great and deep feeling of bass, which is usually among most of the average speakers. Subwoofers are not only used in car sounds but also in home movies to give the perfect bass in a small area, such as a room or a car.

Although subwoofers may seem simple enough, they are not really as simple as they seem. Over the years, they have been researched, tested and developed to get the best sound from them. However, like each product, there are different levels of quality subwoofers and types that are suited to different requirements and conditions.

The first company to promote the appropriate subwoofers was Acoustic Research (AR), which in 1954 introduced an AR-1W system that could prolong its bass in 20hz without any help from alignment and the literal woofer was effectively locked in a fence. The AR-1W was unmatched in design for many years, and in fact it is still very impressive on modern subwoofer design using acoustic suspension. AR-1W was a subwoofer deal that could easily be installed in pairs in pairs, unlike those high-end speakers that had previously been on the market.

Dr. Harry Olsen was also a major part of the design of sound systems we have today. In 1930/40 he was the first to conclude that the speakers need to have their back and front, as the sound waves from the back will interfere with the front. He also designed the passive oven, which was designed to replace the Vent system, which had a large number of faults at the time. The ventilation design needed a large channel to prevent wind noise, which often meant that the channel was bigger than the air itself. Olsen, instead, used a diaphragm with a suspension, as the mass was equivalent to the airspace in the air, so it was much smaller and far more efficient than other designs.

James Novak Jensen, a highly talented research engineer and mathematician, had to come up with bass reflex design. With his knowledge as a mathematician and experience as an engineer, he could create and combine ideas about what is today known as a closed, airy and passive speaker system.

Although considered essential part today, bass extensions were still a relative of luxury in the 1950s and 1970s. The film companies were the main authors interested in bass boost, which was first used in business for the massive blow, Star Wars.

In the last century, these master's and mathematicians have probably influenced Outstanding acoustics available in bingo and home events today.

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Totally Free Unlisted Phone Number Search

So you want absolutely free unlisted phone number search? Okay, let's look at the chances of getting it done.

First, you must know that you are trying to access complex information in a legal manner and that the information you are looking for belongs to someone else. Unlisted phone numbers are unlisted because people want to feel safe about their lives and they also want privacy. Love usually keeps unlisted phone numbers because they do not want to be stalked and bothered by prank callers. When your phone number is stored in a public listing, you are trying to say that you do not want any privacy and that someone can call you at any time.

Therefore, you will not find a mobile phone number that is Registered except when it is for commercial purposes. Unlisted phone numbers can only be searched for with paid services. You can try to make it free but the likelihood of getting something low.

Google and Yahoo people search is there, you also have yellow and white pages at your disposal, but there is no guarantee that you will find information for free with these directories.

Some unethnical directories claim that they offer absolutely free unlisted phone number search but it's a trick to get unsuspecting people to visit their websites as they will be forced to sign up for their paid services.

Rather than wasting your time with so-called absolutely free unlisted phone numbers looking for companies, it's always better to go with those who just tell you how it is. Reverse phone lookup companies have got everything you want and you need, all you have to pay for it. These services need to charge you for the service, as they are also charged to collect information behind the mobile phone number.

Membership fees are, however, very small. It's not uncommon to find directories that allow you to search for up to $ 15 on a search or $ 40 for an unlimited number of searches for more than one year.

It's great that if you take the time to choose the right folder, you must be sure of the accuracy of the information that is created for you and all you need is just the phone number in question to handle the search.

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Reasons to Make Your Mobile Phone Marketing Your Priority

In the marketplace, marketers are always looking for great things that keep them ahead of their competitors in the market. You do not have to worry anymore because the solution is in your purse or pocket. We live in a era where mobile marketing is making an incredible opportunity for market participants in a greater way. Mobile phones help the marketplace reach broader viewers in real-time and personal levels, which is a different role you can not find in other communications channels.

Importance of Mobile Phone Market to Companies

According to most recent numbers, almost all customers own mobile phones. Seventy percent of customers have a mobile phone, seventy five percent own laptop and fifty five percent have a tablet. At least seventy percent of this population uses their mobile phones to access the internet and not the laptop. With the increase in smartphone users, the number of devices in the world exceeds the current population.

Using mobile phones is the most cost effective option and the market needs to make changes to this medium as many users own these devices. The extensive use of mobile devices among customers is a growing and important part of the market. It helps to open up opportunities held in immense, detained, expanding and watched viewers.

Nowadays, many companies are making use of this feature as it is new to the market. If your brand is not in mobile marketing, make sure you get the band where your rival will leave you. Below are a few reasons why companies need to prioritize mobile marketing.

i. Social media offer a platform for advertising

Twitter, Facebook and other forums have left the potential of the mobile phone. They have recognized this feature and have developed ad ideas for you to efficiently target your mobile phone. All you have to do is click the button to get started. This change will take a few minutes if you use social marketing.

ii. Mobile ads cover new and wide audiences

The number of people using mobile phone ads only increases. If your business does not use mobile ads, you're not reaching your target audience and prospective customers.

iii. Retailers Are Getting A Cell Phone Order Wrong

The news today shows how retailers are struggling to keep their profit margins high due to poor returns. Most retailers have received their employees and shareholders in recent years due to a sharp drop in sales and profits. Such companies view mobile marketing and e-commerce as an option when they are planning their budget. Despite the great opportunities that the channel gives, retailers sell an investment in mobile marketing that enables them to fall into a rat race, reducing sales and profits.

iv. Mobile phones are growing fruit online

By improving the structure of the internet and growing smartphone in the world, mobile phones have become the primary method that consumers use as a gateway to access the internet. Recent research shows that internet using smartphones is a daily feature for more than 83% of all users in the world.

v. Google Admissions Company for Mobile Phone Marketing

The main reason why you can start mobile ads is Google Mobilegeddon upgrade that punishes websites that have not begun to take advantage of mobile marketing. Your website must be easy to view and receive on mobile devices. For a simple reason, your website will get a click from Google by going down to the search engines. These sanctions have become stricter and your business must take the necessary steps before you get affected.

vi. It's Personal

It's hard to get a brand close to your audience when you're doing it behind a computer. The use of mobile phones, however, is different. These devices are special accessories that people always follow. They provide different physical factors in comparison to other media.

This form of marketing is personal because it makes retailers close to consumers. You will have a great opportunity to convert these people into high quality customers. For now, mobile marketing is on the market to be, and scientists say it will gain momentum as time passes. Companies and companies that are waiting will find it hard to get on board and make them spend a lot of money.

vii. You tend to discard time and time again

If your policy targets the desktop, keep in mind that it's possible that viewers also use Mobile phones. Therefore, it could take some attempts to reach and reform customers. If you miss a laptop option, use your smartphone to get it and convert the viewer.

viii. It's More Expensive Over Time

Facebook ads are the best example when you look at what might happen if your advertising method has grown in popularity. Costs have continued to increase in recent quarters for no good reason. However, you could raise market competition.

Mobile market area is similar; You must join now or later. It's advisable to do it right now because costing is very affordable than waiting for the future when you have to break the bank before you get back.

ix. Mobile Ads Open Features and Real Reality

Among exciting technologies like virtual reality will make mobile ads more useful and exciting. Great option shows that it's easy to earn from this channel. Therefore, you need to understand that there is a chance for all companies in all industries.

x. Mobile marketing is big and has charged

Recent mobile ads had gone back face to face. When the internet became crowded, the mobile phone has once again come to the market by spending a lot of mobile phone usage. Research says that by 2018, more than 25% of the company's profits will come from mobile phones. Therefore, mobile ads are a small way to ensure you get a profit because people are always ready to buy with their smartphones.

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5 Strong Additions to Increase Sales of the eCommerce Store

Magento 2, the most recommended and updated eCommerce platform, machines with a number of exclusive rights for both businesses and community versions. Online merchants can set up and manage catalogs, customer groups and accounts, save email, set tax rules, managed delivery and payment methods, audit reports, managed accounts, promotions, credit cards, coupons and other types of marketing efforts.

The features are accessible and easy to use, which makes it easy for management managers to continue their tasks. In addition, online retailers will experience flawless online shopping and increase the likelihood of business.

Every company is unique, with different requirements that require different approaches to deal with. Apart from Magento 2's inbuilt features, different online companies are looking for different extras to meet their individual needs, ranging from healthcare, beauty and care, household appliances, fashion and apparels and electronics. Thus, to meet the different needs of the business there are a number of powerful additions and some of them are discussed here.

Store Locator

This strong addition helps customers find a range of Shops located near them and different products available there. This add-on is user-friendly, responsive, supports multiple stores, helps customers change the contrast between maps and satellites.

Order Tracking Extension

It helps web browsers manage orders and run the Company more efficiently. It will help customers get accurate real-time data both on desktop and mobile orders while making the order and save enough time.

Improved layered navigation

This add-on comes with 3 types of filters to search more precisely like color, brand, price range, product categories and other other variables. When the visitor gets satisfied with easy navigation, they are most likely to be changed to customers.

Best Seller Product Widget

This add-on will help merchants to display their most popular products on the home page or any other site on the website.

Brand Extension

People often add attachments to particular brands over time, and follow this fact, trademarks Searches are some of the most popular searches on the web. Thus, you can add the eCommerce store with a brand extension that helps to create and display a number of products under the parent brand systematically. This helps manage the brands, so it is easily linked to them with a related product. This makes it easier for customers to buy specific types and to be sure of them.

There is a range of Magento surnames that work for the benefit of customers and buyers. With these powerful surnames, eCommerce merchants get more widespread scope for privatizing their stores and making them unique.

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Discover Graphics Cards Using Visual Basic

Discover Graphics Name Cards

Can you name the name of a video card from .Net code? Yes, you can use WMI.

Windows Management Instrumentation

WMI is a great library that contains information about the various components needed for the system. To work. Hard disk information, processor information, network components, and the list continue.

Using WMI to Get Business Card

WMI allows you to ask about the data if you know the data how it is organized. Used to look for extensive hardware and operational information related. You can use ManagementObjectSearcher to search for data. It takes two variables. The first parameter is to say which section is called as the scope. And the later parameter is the actual query almost similar to SQL query.

Source Code

Import System. Management

Public Class Form1


Private Sub Button1_Click (ByVal Transmitter As System.Object, _

ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click

MsgBox (GetGraphicsCardName ())


Patents GetGraphicsCardName () Like String

Dim GraphicsCardName = String. Empty


Dim WmiSelect As New ManagementObjectSearcher _

("rootCIMV2", "SELECT * FROM Win32_VideoController")

For each WmiResults as a ManagementObject in WmiSelect.Get ()

GraphicsCardName = WmiResults.GetPropertyValue ("Name").

If (Not String.IsNullOrEmpty (GraphicsCardName)) Then


End If


Catch Err Like ManagementException

MessageBox.Show (err.Message)

End Try

Return GraphicsCardName

End Role

Yet Another Category

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The development of mobile software and its impact in the education sector

A study conducted in 2014 by researchers at Baylor University found that college students spend an average of eight to ten hours a day on their mobile phones. Teenagers are not better, with 75 percent of them having smartphones and 50 percent of them expressing "addiction" to their phone. A study in 2012 revealed that adolescents aged 14 to 17 sent almost 100 texts a day.

This is just to prove how the technological progress of the current generation of students is. They have an almost normal concept of anything that's mobile, whether it's a game or an application. So it makes sense for children to learn faster when taught digitally through programs instead of traditional methods like printed books and tablets. Actual universities actually say that 81 percent of American teachers believe tables improve classroom, while 86 percent think that charts make learning more effective. All of this has given a new impetus for developing mobile applications in key techs, such as Florida and California. But the big question is, to what extent can development of mobile development help the education sector? Take a look below.

Efficient Mobile Software Tutorial

New mobile apps that facilitate and improve learning have made educational entertainment. Using mobile applications enables students to increase efficiency and accuracy due to the following factors:

Independent Learning: Thanks to the development of mobile applications, the learning process is no longer limited to classroom restrictions.

More Options: The sheer variety of applications available to students on tablets or smartphones is incredible.

Easily access to administrative resources and knowledge: Educational programs are visually thanks to e-learning programs.

Allow students to learn from audiovisual media and help them keep the information for a long time. When an individual watches a video or listen to audio files, they begin to understand and keep ideas better than textbooks.

What's in the Making Mobile Applications Program

] Many more goes into application development than just technical knowledge. Money is at the top of the list. While the development tools are often available, there are things like licensing and related networks with significant charges. Therefore, educational institutions prefer to get work at home; They hire mobile designers and developers to keep their programs updated. Some organizations even provide their jobs. There are applications that provide access to private information, such as classes. These programs require secure code. Indeed, some organizations have started using one sign to ensure both privacy and data security.

Mobile development issues can be prevented through preventive communication between the security service and the developer. Some security stones even check the numbers before launching a program. When the program is running, the biggest challenge for developers is to keep up with the fastest growing mobile phone market.

Development Method

Some organizations have resorted to the use of open source middleware framework to create programs for students and the department. Architecture is this framework striving to create a kind of mobile template and then make it accessible to various types of smartphone. Thus everything goes down to compatibility across the panel. This makes sense as most mobile applications agree to a browser approach to present their applications.

It was only a matter of time before the educational system went to digital and mobile applications that began to accelerate the process. It is so surprising that software development is in demand in Florida and other progressive places. Using mobile applications makes teaching fun and easier to learn for students.

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Xamarin: Next Bigger Mobile Developer Development

Since Microsoft announced its acquisition of Xamarin, the mobile app changed its head toward the relative genre of the most popular application in the field development. The fact that Xamarin's products were used by 1 million developers across 120 countries is an absolute testimony of why it's the next big thing in developing mobile applications.

For novice, it's just another mobile platform like Native or Hybrid, to develop applications using C #. But for Top Mobile App Development Companies, it's a godsend to developers. Indeed, Xamarin has taken a variety of platforms and platforms at a new level and is capable of combining all platforms (Android, IOS, Windows or Hybrid and Cross-platform) into one mobile application that uses the same code.

Xamarin: What is it?

Xamarin is a product that works on .NET and C # to produce original Android and iOS applications with the same features. It is a Microsoft-owned code language that uses the implementation of Common Language Specification (CLS) and Common Language Infrastructure (CLI).

Technically speaking, it's a common code base that allows to merge all Platforms in one single app. Xamarin shares the C # code base for development. Using the code, develop Top App Developers in India applications for native Android, iOS, windows, cross-platform and hybrid environments and share them on multiple platforms.

Xamarin: Why is it important?

Suppose you have developed and launched a native Android app and over time it has become a major achievement in the app market. What will your next move be? IOS scene?

Why start from scratch when you can utilize a shared code from Xamarin that can help you develop applications across multiple forums.

Xamarin's additional advantage is that he can provide Microsoft-owned products like Visual Studio and NuGet, and integrates. NET portable libraries for code. It also allows developers to add the part to the applications directly from IDE. Backends like Azure, Salesforce, SAP and categories can also be integrated within the app. Indeed, Xamarin offers the best of both worlds – native Java Code capability and code reuse.

Xamarin: Products

Top Mobile App Development Companies relying on Xamarin products is not surprising! Add-on technology and integrated shareware make it easier for developers to deal with. Xamarin.Forms, Xamarin Test Cloud, Xamarin for Visual Studio, Xamarin Studio, Xamarin.Mac, .Net Mobility Scanner and RoboVM are the products that Xamarin (Microsoft Owner) offers.

Xamarin is one of the best software development platforms. Looking forward to developing the Xamarin App?

Find the best team of technology manufacturers who have developed some Xamarin applications on Android, iOS and Windows platforms.

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The difference between Dictionaries Scrabble

The internet has changed the scrabble's face – there are plenty of online games such as the official Scrabble game Hasbro and similar words like Wordscraper, Lexulous and Words with Friends. Each of these games offers some options for the drama – which should be used when playing with friends against playing in the tournament?

The Official Officer Scrabble Players Dictionary & # 39; Was originally assembled in 1978 by members of the United States Scrabble Association for use in approved tournaments. For words that need to be included in this dictionary, it must be present in one of five standard print dictionaries – Collegiate Merriam-Webster, Funk & Wagnall Dictionary of English, The American Heritage Dictionary of English, New World Webster & # 39 ; S New World Second College Edition, And The Random House College Dictionary. The current version of this scrabble list is OSPD4.

In the United States, Canada and the Thailand Games now use the Modern List (TWL), which is a modified version of the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary. The dictionary has been modified from the original OSPD version to remove some words that are not suitable for tournaments. Remove the words are those that could be considered offensive players. The current version used in the contest is TWL2 and is sometimes referred to as the Official Word List (OWL).

Within Britain, Australia and New Zealand, the word has been used as "Official Scrabble Words" (OSW). This is a collection of all words and combinations that can be played in the Scrabble tournament in these countries and uses British English.

In the rest of the world, the SOWPODS dictionary is used. The SOWPODS dictionary is unified OSPD, the British OSW and the National Scrabble Association. It is not published as a real dictionary with definitions, but argues that either the OSW or OSPD wordbooks are used as a criterion when you play Scrabble.

So, what list should you use? The SOWPODS dictionary has the most words in it, which would give you the most chance to play in a friendly game. If you are practicing for a tournament or playing in competitive games, use the official glossary for your country.

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