Progressive Thinking Providers Are Integrating Their ERP With Salesforce CRM

Why is ERP and CRM integration sensible for your manufacturing company? Let you get something out of your way: Integrating the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application that allows you to manage funding, inventory, and requirements with the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) application-managing relationship, support, upsells will create significant improvement in both investments .

In fact, there are various reasons why companies integrate their CRM and ERP solutions. Manufacturers with sales transactions see almost immediately the benefits of the "Order Money" method. Specifically, the cost-effectiveness is to reduce errors in order to enter, implement approval of workflow for discounts, and reduce the manual required to enter orders in both CRM and ERP.

There are several marketing strategies related to the integration of CRM and ERP, such as more insight into customers. ERP systems store customer relationship with the company; CRM solutions store purchase patterns and market demographics. Combining these two sources of customer data can help companies ensure that their sales, marketing and service offerings target their most valuable customers and prospects.

Today, "when" means "now". In the country's competitive position for manufacturers, demand and real-time data visibility and accessibility is not luxurious, it is a necessity. Alternative Technology Solutions is a leading expert in ERP / CRM product and service light for medium-sized production, and has been helping its 700+ customers to compete in real-time environmental impacts. With its expertise in Epicor ERP and Salesforce CRM as a third-party support company, Alternative is sure that on the basis of the traditional ERP, the foundation for an efficient organization and that there will always be a need to boast a basic ERP system by adding high quality

Today, over 100,000 of the world's innovations are large, medium, and small-scale user-brokerage companies to make larger transactions faster. As a Certified Salesforce Silver Cloud Partner, Alternative is committed to Salesforce cloud solutions because growing income companies need a business relationship management system that helps keep track of sales projects – every way, opportunity and customer, especially when you're on the move. In today's mobile phone company, there is no reason for heavy investments in front of software that is expensive to install and maintain.

With the Salesforce CRM application and the mobile cloud computing model, manufacturers can follow customers and budgets at the same time from anywhere. With the sales group, which is paying like you, the price of success is significantly lower for manufacturers.

There are four key issues that each company should consider when integrating CRM and ERP systems. Manufacturers of specialist expert counselors want to deal with these business issues with you so they are integrated correctly:

1. Contact with contact and account: Both CRM and ERP systems contain contacts and account information, with ERP focusing on billing and Shipments address and CRM about prospects and sales / support.

2. Product Integration: The CRM application should provide access to products contained in ERP if the true process of integration is achieved (eg, allow sales representatives to view or even over real-time and on-account bills of data friend).

3. Quote and Order Management: This is necessary if a company is going to turn a proposal generation (create in CRM) into actual orders (implementation and tracking of ERP level).

4. Product / Order / Account Book: One of the features of the CRM / ERP integration should be to provide sales staff with visibility in the status of the order, in addition to making and monitoring changes.

When considering ERP / CRM integration, prioritize which items are most important for the company's performance and what type of data each group needs visibility and access to.

Source by Trisha Navidzadeh

7 Main Reasons for Accepting Responsible Web Design

Worldwide, mobile phone sales have come up to desktop desktops. The number of tablet and smartphone users to browse the internet or shop online is growing fairly fast.

In this highly competitive digital age, where portability is king, it is important for companies to use responsive web design Build mobile-friendly websites for their products.

This might just be the best decision you could make for your business. Here are seven main reasons for using a response to building your website:

Google Delivers Responsive Web Design

Websites with Responsive Web Design would have the same URLs and HTML code, even when viewed. Many devices. This makes it easier for Google bots to search, crawl and organize content on your site. To learn more, check out websites with a high Google rank and track the responsive web design they employ.

Boosting User Experience

Responsive websites offer better user products. User experience has a significant impact on search engine optimization. If your site offers a good browsing experience for your visitors, then there is a better chance that it will be higher in Google search results. It has also been shown that users usually review and recommend websites that offer them a good user experience.

Easy to edit or update

Using a website with responsive web design, making changes Over various devices is much easier, since you only need to change the encoding on a single URL.

Sharing and Linking becomes easier

One most important factor when it comes to optimizing your site for Search Engines is high quality link building. Having the same link for mobile versions and desktop versions helps with easy presentation and sharing of a link. It is also very useful if you can offer your visitors one link to share with friends and family.

Fix the Additional Time

Websites that use responsive design usually load much faster than dedicated mobile phone pages. Some studies have shown that loading speed is an important factor that affects the ranking of sites in search engines.

Cost effective

Responsible web design is considered very affordable as it saves you from having to create a special mobile site for your business. The cost of developing the mobile version on a website can be very high.

Lower chance of copying content

If you have a separate mobile page for your website, then chances are for Google's Google Interprets this as a duplicate content that may affect your Google site negatively.

A number of brands that build mobile websites to reach a larger audience often rarely anticipate growth in business. Responsive web design, however, has proven to be very successful in building a user base and improving search results.

Source by Aysha Rameez

Advantages of the University Management System through ERP

Management of educational institutions has always been a reason to worry about the people involved. Initially, there were limited options for managers where most of the administrative tasks had to be done manually. With the implementation of ERP software, the system has changed significantly on the positive side. ERP software has been used in various fields, and when it was applied in the field of education, the results were striking. Below are some worthwhile reasons to use ERP software for a university management system.

1. Reducing workload: The potential of human resource institutions of all institutions works better when the workload in each job is minimized. ERP is a manual task related to my regular paperwork to record data only. With a reduced workload, managers will be happier with production from employees than before.

2. Increased productivity: Proper use of ERP software will greatly increase university productivity. Some of these software systems are based on regular workforce, and as a result, executives can handle discipline in all departments for regular and output, which will translate into improved productivity.

3. Better control: ERP software is designed to strengthen management to better control all operations. Such a system will integrate all features including payroll, bills, dining, inventory, student channels, etc. Under one wings. Managers can control and control each operation without much inconvenience.

4. Data Security and Registration: It is necessary for administrators to have a system that will store data on a secure platform, and that is what ERP software offers. Most ERP systems install a unique web based server that records all transactions and ensures data is guaranteed in the best possible amount.

5. Real-time reports: There are times when the manual report generation was used in educational institutions. Today, managers can do everything on the ERP, which itself is a built-in system for creating reports. Many types of real-time reports can be generated from such software at any time during the fiscal year.

6. Better student relations: A university managed by ERP will witness better relationships with students. ERP software acts as a virtual platform for students and administrators as there are fewer possibilities of misunderstanding. Students can get all university information and test through the software. In the case of the university administration, they are given the opportunity to report items on the virtual scene.

However, the advantages of ERP software are highly dependent on software development. Some software companies have launched such innovative software that can completely change the face of the University Management System . There are numerous technical modules that can be added to enhance university efficiency in the general field. However, managers need to check and investigate how such software can work for an educational institution. ERP software systems must be easy to understand, configure and customize for all functions and departments within universities.

Source by Ashok Dinda

Effect of Text Message

According to Nielsen, US and US teens sent 2,272 messages a month. This is equivalent to almost 80 messages a day. In fact, text messages are so popular that in North America (as of 2006), 40% of mobile users use active SMS. In Europe, the average is 85%. Throughout the world, the use of text messaging has developed very fast. In 2000, 17 billion text messages were sent. By 2004, this figure reached almost 500 billion, it's almost 85 text messages per person in the world.

The popularity of text messages has put people in positive and negative situations. For example, former Detroit Mayer Kwame Kilpatrick had his entire life turned upside down through a text message sex scandal. He went from being the youngest to the only mayor to be charged with innocence in Detroit. On the positive side, text messages are used as the source of information and alerts. Many credit card companies offer SMS alerts for the upcoming maturity date. With the increased popularity of cell phones with internet capabilities, people may be paying their bills on getting a warning. In addition, you can send text messages to Google to find directions, weather, flight, sports scores, etc. Services like ChaCha allow us to answer all of our questions. All you do is send a question to ChaCha and a live person will send you a message again within a few minutes with the answer to your question. However, this convenient service and general message have been successful.

Many experts agree that text messages have served more badly than good, especially for the teenager. There are obvious security issues, especially with recent suggestions to ban text messages while driving. This obviously creates disturbance for drivers, putting other drivers and road users at risk. Even in the course of time, people have their greatest attention to entering their message, instead of what's ahead of them. Especially in busy places, I've noticed that people have not yeticed. The other day I walked to Times Square and was very annoyed by people who suddenly stopped in the middle of the pavement to finish the message. That, and a combination of tourists, makes Times Square a trap.

Teenagers are easily mislead at school. Instead of paying attention to courses, students are texting away. I've seen this happening a lot in college. Especially in upper secondary schools, this leads to falling points, and poor reporting cards. Some guys are up late with their friends, whom experts believe could have a significant effect on sleep. I have seen a lot of college struggles because they use the phone so much. I think this is because when you send text messages you are likely to be in the middle of thinking. The response thus means the ability to act immediately and distract you from other things (learning). I saw this happening in my library at any time. Especially in the finals, it would take forever to find a table. It's very annoying when people take up space but just sit there on the phone. In group projects, there is always one kid who keeps pulling out his phone to send a message. This creates a major disruption from work and has a significant impact. I have also read articles that indicate that students use text messages to cheat. Even though teachers and professors do not say that they are in a test, they never enforce the rules.

I think that increased use of the phone, especially for text messages, could adversely affect your hands. The idea of ​​texting is similar to that which has proved to be a problem for many. Although text messages are not as comprehensive as using a keyboard computer, increased usage may still be enough to cause a support system. However, data is very limited on this subject.

What about English? One would think of using abbreviations, short messages and imperfect sentences could lead to bad language skills. Although text messages are short, they are sent so often that it may affect linguistics. Many experts believe this way; However, others offer interesting protests. Text messages may not be so bad. Some experts added that the use of abbreviations is a new communication page that shows dexterity and creativity. This communication technology expands our language requirements and shows ingenuity. There are cases where people engage in "text messages" in academic documents, but do not harm anyone else.

I have noticed some ways in which text messages enjoy individuals. Another way is that this communication technology connects people. Many people are in constant contact with each other. They develop a great interest in knowing what's happening in people's lives and sharing information they would not otherwise. Some conversations, or at least topics, would never be in direct communication. Sometimes it's because we're too scared or forget later. There are other situations where text messages may be more appropriate than conversations on the phone (in a quiet public). Thus, it improves comfort and does not interfere with others.

I have been able to talk in a variety of ways as a text message damaging human beings. I am fully aware that these interpretations are only valid with credible data and statistical analysis. However, the increase in text messaging is a recent phenomenon and not enough data to build final conclusions. Many experts have developed a number of hypotheses that they hope to test in the near future. I have come across some research but found a lot of bugs that lead to inaccurate rights. Some studies show only a few students from one particular high school, leading to invalid results. I chose not to share these data or resolutions for this reason. For future research, it would be interesting to correct data by type of mobile phone (compare normal phone to smartphone and see if there are significant differences – whether positive or negative).

Source by Anupam Kathpalia

Different Types of Hospitality Management Systems

Host Management Systems are the software that drives your hospitality. From the restaurant's culinary system to web-based software, it enables efficient communication and management of the business, ultimately increasing revenue.

With a variety of hospitality management systems to choose from, understand what is offered. It's important to find the right system tailored to your needs and budget.

Software packages range from those aimed at B & Bs and small proprietors to run large hotels, clubs and resorts. The basic package offers simple guest and room management, while more complex ones cover all the elements needed to manage and run a large hotel chain.

The reception software package for the front office should make the reception staff to keep track of all the books, Condition of rooms, information about visitors and expenses, coordinate restaurant for visitors, organize obligation processing and process check-in and Guest withdrawal. They should also offer a way to communicate with all travel agencies and operators related to the system. The features you should look for include: Reporting for arrivals and departures on a particular date. Guestbook and order information, including activities and special requests. Room rates, discounts, package tours, group bookings, etc. Diagram of hotel rooms and position. Visual calendar with calendar. Facilities for printing a check-in card for guests. Flexibility to redirect guests to different rooms. Facilities to easily add rates to rooms from restaurants, spas, gift shops, etc. Include all payment methods at checkout and print receipt. Print work program for staff facilities to store guest history Communicate efficiently with reservation and travel agents

software / maintenance equipment Easy to use software for housing and maintenance will enhance the effectiveness of cleaning and service in rooms . The main features of these units are: Monitoring standard positions – dirty, cleaned, inspected, checked and checked, etc. All information, such as number of visitors, number of beds, length of stay, special preferences (eg baby bed, child seat) should be visible to both employees and administrators. Employees can enter maintenance issues when they arise and are automatically sent to the maintenance department. Staff can request cleaners and cosmetics. Employees can monitor washing positions for uninterrupted line fill.

Online Booking System: This software package is required for any accommodation. It helps you to increase direct online bookings instantly. Prospective guests can view hotel rooms (size, choice of beds), availability and prices, as well as services and facilities offered. The systems should have instant confirmation of payment cards or other secure online payment methods. After payment of deposit and confirmation by email, guests should be able to log in to view or edit information about the order.

Administrative System for point of sale (POS) This includes restaurants and bars, hotel gift shops, a spa, a tour desk and other guest services. It should have the option of direct payment or a fee in the room. Apart from observing normal sales measures, it should involve the issuance of daily business reports to the management or account office and a daily income report.

The POS sector are many hosting operations management system that provides food

Management Pack for restaurant. For POS management packages, you have a choice of shelf systems for restaurants and cafes, where you can configure options that suit your business or custom one, especially for your business. Most systems are quite easy to use and are cost effective. Their features vary, but most offer the following: Order take, tallying, and cashier options with handheld PDA system. Payment card for credit card transactions Revenues tailored to your business. The more advanced systems also offer: Integrating all transactions with your accounting software.

Management Software: This unit is directed to the Executive Board and offers access to all levels of the organization. It provides instant access to the database of all sectors and ensures overall transparency of operations. Monitoring and early intervention by senior employees can prevent mistakes made by inexperienced employees and save money and reputation of the company. · Other facilities in this package may include:

Tools for setting different pricing systems for rooms and services: daily, seasonal, special promotions, etc. Statistical information – Percentage of time and other information used in the Policy Type and custom reports for executive presentations. Organize promotions and package deals. List of different departments. Employees accounts and staff training programs

Remember: a high turnover is common in hospitality, it is important to choose a system that requires minimal training to use and has a "safe zone" that only authorized personnel

Choosing And introducing a hospitality management system for your business is a significant business, both operational and financially. But once in a while, the system will increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve service in your business. You will have happier employees and happier visitors who want to promote your business and ultimately increase your earnings.

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The power of a blue port and its use

In modern society, competition is something we see daily and everywhere. Even when it's not a direct competitor, you must "fight" to do the will and need for your product or service. This policy will help you look beyond your competition and create a completely new market and standardize for your own business.

The purpose of this plan is to create a new standard in the market where only products and services can live up to. This way you automatically create a new market and cover all your previous competitors. In short: from the Red Sea (competition) you go to your own blue sea where you are king.

This age is called the "consumer age" of many marketers, all about consumers. The Blue Ocean policy too. This policy involves offering your offer in such a way that a new market develops for you.

A little example of the power of Blue Ocean policy:

Samsung changed its policy In 2006, the slogan led to "market-driven change". A number of developers and developers gathered in Seoul to work on a new flat screen TV, the code "Bordeaux". They worked under the supervision of the CEO until they met all expectations, the needs and needs of consumers were fulfilled.

With this and some other developments, Samsung's market share was 26.4%, with Sony being 24.6% and then Sharp with 8.2%. And note that Samsung started in 2006 with a market share of only 12.1%

Here are the experiments and forums of the Blue Ocean policy.


Superior trend for small and medium-sized businesses. These are often flexible and can fly faster towards the needs and wishes of their customers and the market. Because they are relatively small, they stand close to their customers, since further information can be obtained from them.

Smaller businesses can get a lot of ads quickly using this policy. Even faster then big business. Because small businesses usually work locally or on a regional basis, they can deliver their messages faster and collect more free coverage.

This strategy is perfect for companies who now use how to use their marketing and communication effectively.


It is quite difficult to create the blue sea without the necessary knowledge and the blue sea can be created. Experience of marketing and communication. Marketing budget comes very well but many small and medium businesses do not have one.

After a while, the first copycats will come up and compete in the same value as you. It's completely natural, but it encourages entrepreneurs to find a new policy every few years.

For large companies, managing a new company is more difficult to manage or change to get a new strategy that works in the entire company as soon as possible. These companies have funds and budget, but before the process has started, smaller competitors could already reject the idea.

If you want to know more about Blue Ocean policy, you can find more information in the links and the list below. First, some practical advice to create and apply the Blue Ocean strategy.

Checklist & # 39; How to Download & # 39 ;:

1) Investigate what the client really wants. Ask for the problems and challenges they face and what the solutions might be.

3) Try to find an ideal solution for the client outside.

2) Research that draws attention to competitors in their marketing and who not.

Borders, criteria and standards in the market or industry. Forget about standards and irregular rules, just think about the best possible solution for your customers and how you can help them achieve it in an efficient and fun way.

4) Create a marketing system that sells your Product as beautiful and simple as possible. Do not let the customer have any problems, questions or choices – but make the entire process as easy as possible.

5) Teach potential customers and market what you can do with the problem, go beyond your competitors, and care about customers

6) Get the best possible warranty, for example 100% unconditional money guarantee. This level alone goes beyond many competitors in many cases.

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Microsoft SharePoint – Batch File Transfer Via Robocopy

Moving files between SharePoint pages can sometimes be tricky and often time consuming. When transferring files from WSS to MOSS, there is no native method for testing file compatibility and version between existing SharePoint 2003 site and MOSS 2007 site. We will use ROBOCOPY from Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools to transfer data from existing archives to local sharing that can be encrypted and sent to send. Follow the instructions described below:

First, you need to install Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools to either Windows XP desktop or Server 2003 server on which the SharePoint 2003 site is located. Once set you up, will ROBOCOPY command line tool for use. The tools will reside in "C: Program Files Windows Resource Kits Tools" and can be accessed by the command line or shortcuts "Command Shell" through the Windows Resource Kit Tools application directory created in the Start Menu.

The next step must be to mapping the current SharePoint 2003 archive to a network on the computer or server on which Robocopy is installed. This can be done by going to My Computer, and then selecting Map Network Drive from the Tools File menu. In the window that appears, you must select a drive letter that is available and not in use, and also enter a folder name. The folder name will be the format as follows, for example: http: \ Docs DocLibrary, where example.phase2com is the webpage or email address used to access the site, Docs is the subfield if the library is located in a sub area And DocLibrary is the name of the archive we are about to export files from. When mapped, it should show the contents of the archive within the root of this drive.

Finally, we need to transfer the data from the archive to a file folder for storage and subsequent updates. For example, the data we will export data that has changed date 04/18/2008. You must first open the command offer to use robocopy. Once in command prompt, you need to use robocopy command line tool as follows:

robocopy z: * d: fileshare * / E / Z / COPY: DAT / MAXAGE: 20080418

In the example above, these are the assumptions and switches used.

o z: * – Files, in this case, we have mapped the archive that is exported to Z: Networks on the computer

o d: fileshare * – File destination, where fileshare is a local drive on the computer

o / S – Copy subfolders and exclude empty ones

o / Z – Backup in a reboot mode

o / COPY: DAT – copies file data, attributes and scheduling

o / MAXAGE: 20080418 – Copies Files Last Modified 04-18-2008 and newer (Excludes files with the last edit date that is before 04-18-2008)

Running the script In the front you will be robocopy Read through the mapped drive and copy only those files that are newer than the date. When export is complete, the customer will then be able to upload those files to us to upload to their MOSS site.

The above must be run for each archive that they will only import and export Newer / updated data. This is because we can only map the archive from SharePoint and not all sites.

Source by Adam M Smithson

Advantages of Using Event Registration Management System

Planning and presenting events involves a lot of money, time and energy. As the event management industry becomes more competitive, organizers are looking for new ways to streamline their workload. The latest policy in the industry is to use the event logging software to simplify and facilitate the event listing and promotion process. Using good software also allows you to manage multiple events at the same time.

Organizing events without the help of dedicated software in modern times can create a lot of additional work. Using a dedicated software saves you from the hassle of handling mountain paperwork and puts your mind at ease. Going online with the registration process for events helps not only save money when sending personal invitations, but also saves you a lot of time managing the RSVP lists.

Here are some important advantages to using Event Registration Software:

facilitates Easy Registration – Registration in paper requires a lot of time and effort. Registering online is quick and easy. All you need to do is fill out a simple form that has been customized to collect only relevant information and then send it to the database. Payment History is also made online with credit cards, debit cards or PayPal. It saves you the trouble of collecting payments manually. The interface of such software is very user friendly.

Allows Users to Control – Using Event Registration Management System, you can get a centrally integrated database. You do not have to waste time by managing countless documents and organizing different files. With software help, your documents will always be updated with the latest changes.

Confirmation Options – The method of accepting a certificate of paper and sending participants confirmation of registration may take days and weeks. Most online registration software automatically sends follow-up of mail to participants who inform them that the payment has been received and their registration confirmed.

Safe and Safe – Use software that stores data behind the firewall and encrypted all Payment Information ensure that the participant's data is kept in a safe environment.

Real-Time Report – An online registration system gives you the ability to track the registration data in the database in real time.

Using Event Registration Management software saves time and increases efficiency, enabling you to focus on more important and challenging tasks.

Source by Richa Khandel

All the Best Features Android Nougat Update

Android Nougat is Google's latest upgrade operating system; Android .. Here in this article we will tell you when you can update Android on your phone, tablet and other devices, how you can enjoy the features of the update. What are the pros and cons of upgrading your old Android Lollipol or Marshmallow to Android Nougat.

We show you the main new features of Android 7.0 Nougat, why it's so important and what mobile phone will get this version of Google Operating System.

When a new Android version appears, in this case 7.0, all trademarks are turned on to announce which phones will be updated on Android Nougat. And as often happens on previous occasions, disappointing when you see that your smartphone will not be updated or you see that your update is coming too late.

However, there can always be doubt about the benefits of Android 7.0 over the previous system, and if it's worth it. The truth is that with each new operating system is not only functional and aesthetic improvements, but also at security level, so upgrading to Android 7.0 is quite convenient.

What are the new features of Android Nougat? Many and very demanding by users. The first and most striking is to participate in the first multiventor on the Android stock, something that is necessary due to the increase in screen size we've seen in recent years, with 5.5 inches more and more in all areas.

Check Virtual reality is not unnoticed by the new Android system and it will include some features that will maximize the performance of the smartphone associated with Daydream VR, the latest virtual window from Google. Also, compatibility with Vulkan, a program that allows for better game optimization and applications that require high performance graphics is also available.

There are also improvements in maximum efficiency and management solution resources, with a rotation of

Security in Android Nougat devices

of course, security in Android 7.0 Nougat exacerbated by the redesign encryption system to protect data better, so ransonware will not be able to change our password if We have set up Turn off our phone.

We also have the option of automatic updates that appear in the background, see the beginning application unit, direct boots, which allows you to start the smartphone much faster or immediately

what phones will get Android 7.0

All these features seem to be sufficient reasons for trademarks to try to upgrade smartphone to Android 7.0. Most manufacturers like Samsung, LG or Huawei have focused on getting their most iconic models, behind the entry models or devices for 2016. This is not the case for BQ.


] BQ has announced a list of phones that want Android Nougat, where we have been able to see a pleasant surprise. As we have said, if we talk about the entry selection, there are virtually no updates from any manufacturer, so the Aquaris A4.5 and three types of the new Aquaris U range will be the first mobile phone of less than 150 euros to receive Android 7.0 .

If we go to the step above, we find that Aquaris Aquaris X5 and X5 Plus will also include Android Nougat, not only the latest developments in the BQ will feature this new system, both the M5 and Aquaris Aquaris M5.5 (2015 models) get this update.

Of course, their rivals are also offering the latest flagships like the Samsung Galaxy S7, the Huawei P9 or the LG G5. Feature update on Android 7.0. The differences we see in the most efficient areas.

During the middle of the field are brands that do more exercise as Motorola with Moto G4, Huawei P9 Lite or Samsung Galaxy A, we see that other types As important as Samsung Galaxy J3, LG K10 or Huawei P8 Lite Will not get new Android 7.0.

By this we see how it is a brand that does not care to give a long life to every model that belongs to its product range, while others forget to catch some things. What is clear is that upgrading to the Android Nougat should be an important factor when selecting smartphone today.

Source by Alexa Angelica Bahar

6 Popular Types of Cases by Phone

Telephone numbers need not only be stylish but also be strong enough to give the desired impact resistance. The case comes in a wide variety of different materials depending on how much protection is provided. Here are six of the materials used to create the most popular phone numbers:


Cost-effective option to protect your phone is the case in plastic. This type of case can provide the most fundamental protection, but is not very effective in providing shock absorption. Also, a small issue on this subject can be very difficult and even scratch the external surface of the smartphone.


Rubber is appreciated for its ability to give useful impact and shock absorption, and most are quite cheap. They are great in being tight and neat in shape, but this material is not the easiest to clean and can easily become unclean. Also, the rubber will begin to loosen or expand over time, which means there is a risk that the phone will run out of the case.

Silica gel

The silicone gel is also useful for providing high impact protection. This type of material does not stretch like rubber and is very slim and lightweight. Many of these cases are colored or translucent to give full control over their appearance.

Carbon Fiber

The carbon content is perfect for the phone owner who wants to be a high level of protection. The material is very light and durable and even has the ability to protect the phone from damage after being dropped on hardwood or concrete floor. In addition, the issue in this matter is very stylish and can go phone look sleek and high tech.


The tree phone case helps to create the most stylish and unique look, while still providing useful protection. Common wood material is maple, which is easy to give a smooth finish and once applied with natural oil skin, it can protect the phone from scratches. In addition, you can combine the wood with other materials like leather and polycarbonate to provide the most complete protection and cool design.


Polycarbonate material is a very strong type of plastic Can provide effective protection against damage. This type of case is perfect for the phone owner who is more interested in protecting his property from damage and not so worried about visual issues.

Source by Leo Eigenberg