Overview of two highlights – The HTC Rhyme and BlackBerry Curve 9300

The new HTC Rhyme offers a great blend of modern design and high specification all at attractive prices lower than the iPhone 4S and HTC Sensation XL. Here we compare this brand new model with other phones that have become a strong favorite among consumers in this sector of the mobile phone market, the BlackBerry Curve 9300.

These two handsets are both very different in their design. You can choose either of these phones out of the crowd that is good quality with dozens of modern phones that all look very similar. Rhyme is unique because it's attractive color schemes. The handset default finish is attractive deep purple but it is also an eye-catching champagne gold finish available. Curve 9300 offers a full Qwerty keypad that makes a pleasant change from having a large touch screen that dominates a fascinating phone. Thanks to this physical keypad, the phone will come into contact with companies looking to create documents while on the go. This phone has also been popular with a younger generation who likes to use chat rooms rather than calls. HTC Rhyme is unquestionably more modern than BlackBerry's unique appeal thanks to its classic look.

The HTC Rhyme's 3.7-inch screen is perfect for viewing a wide variety of footage content in capturing photos taken on the handset. To play such files it is important that the phone offers good storage space and this model does not disappoint with 4GB of internal storage. HTC has also created a micro SD card slot on the model which means that you can add 32GB of capacity to your phone if necessary. Curve 9300 offers a much smaller storage capacity of 256 MB. It is fair to say that someone who buys BlackBerry is unlikely to use the handset for many media use as it only offers a 2.46-inch display. Once again, there is an SD SD card available so that additional information can be easily done. BlackBerry has acknowledged that camera facilities will not be the key to this model, so choose a basic 2 mega pixel camera that can capture VGA video footage. HTC, on the other hand, realizes that many consumers who purchase Rhyme will appreciate the cameras and therefore have created a high quality 5 megapixel snapper on this phone along with HD camcorders.

HTC Rhyme and the BlackBerry Curve 9300 are both great models for those who are looking to avoid high quality premiums on the market. The Rhyme will appeal to media lovers while BlackBerry will be successful in a new generation that likes using IM facilities.

Source by Matthew Bruen

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