Overview of the impressive new HTC One X

Hello March is the month when we see a lot of new cell phones from all manufacturers willing to try to compete with their competitors. We've started to see some of the brand new new calls from 2012 and one of the most impressive we've experienced is the wonderful new HTC One X. We're watching this exciting new device.

HTC One X uses high quality display to display outstanding image quality. The phone features a very large 4.7 inch SLCD screen that will appeal to media fans and game lovers. You can see the maximum resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels, which means that one X can show the pixel density of the elegant 312PPI. Grind resistant glass if used on the model to prevent the phone from getting inexperienced scratches and damage that may occur after a few consecutive months. Behind the display is a number of sensors designed to enhance the user interface of this model. Speedometer tiles detect the direction of the device and adjust the display accordingly, while the commission meter automatically locks the display during a call. HTC One X is not the smallest model available at 134 x 69.9 x 8.9 mm but the slim depth measurement is displayed. The model weighs only 130 grams thanks to the new Polycarbonate chassis used.

Last year we saw HTC with Beats Audio technology on many devices and we're aware that this great feature is back in place on the new HTC One X. Music moves will love this feature as it helps the handset deliver the natural depth of sound as You usually would not be able to get from a mobile phone. High-quality pair of headsets are also included as part of the package to make One X one of the most advanced phones for playing music. If you're looking to load your device with hundreds of audio files, you'll need ample storage space and One X does not disappoint by offering a huge 32GB. The phone also comes with 25GB of free cloud storage thanks to the new collaboration between HTC and Dropbox. This means that a total of 57GB of storage capacity is available on this very impressive new device.

HTC One X is supposed to be one of the most popular phones released this year. Large graphics card offers superb quality that makes the device perfect for browsing and mobile gaming while implementing Beats Audio technology, making the phone ideal for handling many types of music.

Source by Matthew Bruen

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