Overview of Apple Macbook Air

A brief overview of Apple MacBook Air is that it is very small, fragile and lightweight. Mild touch of the screen will shut down completely.

As Apple MacBook Air was the easiest, it was able to overtake another MacBook category. the MacBook's thinness puts it in the center of attention. The full depth is 0.76 inches to the rear part.

Most laptops have thicker appearance because they are around the flat thickness of the thickness. the Apple MacBook Air has a thickness of 0.4 centimeters. This definitely points out.

Connection ports and lack of optical drive contribute to limiting your laptop. They have many innovative features, such as standard voltage processing components and full-size keyboards with all limitations. The usefulness of the optical drive is reduced by the Internet connection.

Apple MacBook Air does not have installed software, including Mac OS Xv10.5 Leopard, Safari, Time Machine, iTunes, Xcode, iMovie, and more.

With its active participation in Greenpeace, Apple closes MacBook Air to meet all environmental aspects. Fully recyclable aluminum case, all circuit board free of BFR and PVC. Apple also first sported a mercury-free display with arsenic-free glass. In addition, retail packaging consumes 56% less material than MacBook packaging. The Energy Star 4.0 certified state also meets EPEAT Silver.

Source by Jen Barnum

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