OS 101: Suggestions for Operating System Selection

The operating system (shortened operating system) is basically the path through which your computer accesses files, games, the internet, and all relevant information stored. The operating system is the computer's most important program, as it runs all the other programs. The most important operating systems are Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Unix. The operating system is indispensable for your computer, so you have to pay special attention when choosing your operating system.

Consider using it

Consider what operating system you will use. If your operating system is a business, you must choose an operating system that can handle important business information. If you consider the operating system as college students, we think the operating system is optimal for the game, but it is still a nice word processor. Finally, if the operating system was designed for a new computer user, the user-friendly, simple operating system would be the best. With this in mind, you should consider what software is available to your operating system. Some software is only available on certain computers. This often leaves Macintosh OS X, Linux and Unix, as most computer markets run on Microsoft operating systems. Most computers are standard on a particular operating system (Apple computers with Mac OS X and most computers have Windows XP). Therefore, it is sometimes important to consider the operating system even when selecting a computer.


Security is the highest priority for many computer users, especially for businesses. Some operating systems are safer than others. Macintosh was named "Iron Man of Operating Systems," because it was able to exploit hackers while criticizing Windows for easy hacking. Do not let the security completely block you. Most operating systems can be "hardened" and can be provided with constant security updates for hackers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Large Squares

Positive and negative elements of each operating system. There is no perfect operating system. With this in mind, review the most common operating systems (Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, and Unix). Mac OS X is great for protecting hackers and graphic design. However, some of the problems are that certain software is not available for Mac. If the operating system for a college student who wants to play the Half-Life 2 game rather than the study, Mac OS X is not the best choice. Windows is very good for compatibility, as most consumers use Windows. Windows also has applications such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Internet Explorer. Unfortunately Windows is weak against viruses and can easily get jammed. Unix is ​​good for networks, especially for businesses. Unix has been in existence for almost 30 years, so it is very reliable. One of the disadvantages of Unix is ​​cost, which is sometimes a little expensive. Unix is ​​also complicated, which can disrupt beginners. The ultimate operating system, Linux, is free and fully customizable. However, one of the biggest disadvantages is the extreme scarcity of Linux needs. Microsoft and other software developers are often very important to release their products to Linux.


Whether you choose any operating system, it should be the system that best fits your needs. All operating systems contain good and bad elements. Understanding the operation of each system and the advantages and disadvantages of the system for everyone who decides on the computer and the operating system. Operational selection based on research and understanding is certainly the highest satisfaction.

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