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Most Orange SPV series have a Windows Mobile platform and the M700 is the latest incoming mobile phone market with this platform. In many ways it's very much similar to the M600 but with lots of enhanced features like 3G connectivity. The new M700 Orange mobile phone has a shinier finish, however, similar in shape and size. The SPV M700 measures 58 mm wide, 108 mm tall and 18 mm thick and weighs 150 g. It comes in two varieties black and white. Both are attractive phones. The headlight glows and reflects and gives the phone a smooth, polished, pearlescent color. This gives a stunning look on the device. The back of the handset is a single-piece plastic-plastic piece and the circular edge adds up to the smooth finish of the phone.


The device is characterized by the display. At 320 x 240 pixels, 65,000 colors and 2.8 sketch inches that are sharp and crisp.


Below are the built-in silver reflections and the end keys with the center navigation key. The keys are more rounded and have a tangible sense. One interesting thing is that the device has many buttons over. Voice recorder, audio speed software, built-in camera, etc. Screwdriver has a pushbutton.


This is a quad-band handset with 3G and it can see HSDPA at 1.8Mbps. Adobe Reader is an invaluable addition. The phone has a full range of wireless connections with built-in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and infra red ports. It also has a SiRFstar III GPS antenna built into it, which means you can use it as a Sat Nav device. With high speed data and transmission rich applications the phone makes for a good business tool. You can access e-mail using a POP address or using the push service.


For personal use comes Orange mobile phone with a built-in 2 mega pixel camera with camcorder. The images can be viewed in 65.536 colors (16 bit), TFT with high clarity. The phone boasts a 64MB of RAM and 128MB of ROM.

Battery life is quite impressive as it gives ten hours of playing mp3 music.

Source by Harry K Smith

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