Open letter to Weis Markets

I realized that there are many small things that make a transition to a new home a rich experience. Simple changes, such as finding a new place to get food, can be an amazing way to discover. It was for me when we moved far enough from my favorite pet to make a close-up copy of my new home. Welcome to Weis markets.

Welcome to Weis is an unforgettable experience. As I stepped out of my car to
my first visit and my feet touched the parking lot of chewing gum. Parking in the
car park can indeed be done with any business, but this item was grimi. I think
is in 157 stores, this is a "lot" parking space to keep up and I'm sure
that Weis is too busy to take care of a customer on their shoes.

During my first and subsequent visits, I was surprised to see how customers, except for the
cashiers, had caught or taught how to use self-service scanning
tools in any registry that forces customers who are not willing to wait until the single and
human cashier examine the food. I also asked a manager
about this, but they said they couldn't find enough staff. I was really curious
for those who were already working there, but it seemed that he wasn't going to
anywhere with the manager who seemed to do more important things than
to talk to customers. Maybe I am old-fashioned, but for a man in a register
is one of the last few services I am ready to give up.

So I'm waiting for a long line with the man you pay for keeping the register. Opps,
Do you help me? I forgot the "Weis Store Card". What? You can't ring on a
general store card, like my favorite old store I use? Should I wait
for customer service to see? You can't even call on the phone
? Oh, you have no phone in the register, right? Gee, a little
hard to help customers?

As I wait for ten minutes in a "customer line" of "frazzled
employees, who provides a number of services, I realized that 9,000 employees
are too much train and others will not work long enough for Weis
worth investing in training What matters when you decide to loose customers
as me, who average $ 120 a week for a visit to one of the registers a man
. I also reject Weis in an emergency and instead of
driving 12-15 minutes to Oregon Dairy, where there are always people who
ring the "storage card" and go out of their way to help As soon as I
sent me a home with several food stores and an IOU when I forgot to deposit
and my bank card was How did Oregon Dairy do it
? They work together, but they charge the same prices as Weis
and can really afford to process all registrants with people? And where to find
employees who are only 15 minutes away? You can be sure of something here.
should be the sale of Oregon Dairy Shrimp. I think I'll stop with the seafood and pick up a

Source by Susan Stamm

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