Online Versus Offline Purchase

With the emergence of credit cards, many other forms of PayPal and digital payment formats, as well as "Online Showrooms" such as eBay, Amazon, and many others are also available for online shopping. to go to a regular store to watch and buy. At the same time, with the growing tendency of online shopping, offline shopping is still very significant.

A study by CALTECH (California Technological Institute) has recently studied how consumers respond to product descriptions, images, and physical appearance, given that they are willing to pay for their products based on each version.

It has been discovered that the behavior of these consumers is no different from the way in which they have seen a product description than when they see the image of the product. However, it has changed how they respond to a product when they physically see, touch and sometimes smell the product. When they discovered their senses, Caltech saw an increase in motivation to buy the items they showed with 50%.

Caltech reported that consumers react more to a product that is "physically present" than the ones that are simply seen in the catalog. It has become apparent that consumers react differently to certain types of online products, compared to those that are displayed in stores. People will be more eager to buy online mobile phones than the Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 pre-orders. However, if you buy vehicles, furniture, certain foods and clothes, consumers are more likely to purchase them personally, rather than online selection.

However, online shopping has advantages over offline shopping when it comes to convenience, benefits, and price. Online shopping offers discounts and allows users to easily compare their prices with other providers or products without being physically present. All this can be done on the same cellular phone as in retail, making it more accessible to everyone when and wherever you choose.

Overall, both online and offline retailers need to take into account the product offering as it plays an important role in consumer behavior. Consumers should also be able to create a bond brand trust before they can buy products through online channels. Taking into account the benefits and disadvantages of both shopping patterns and consumer behavior, it would be for nursing industries that rely on these marketing ways to find the two marriages to take advantage of the upper hand to benefit the consumer. If this is achieved, it is guaranteed that its business will be higher in terms of consumer sales.

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