One iPhone per Child – OIPC

Satirical shoots down from OLPC (one laptop per child). Unfortunately I could not resist the relationship. On Thursday, October 30, 2008, PCWorld wrote an article in which it stated: "Low-income US consumers are flirting with the Apple iPhone."

The article also states that "smartphones are changing from luxury to convenience, according to ComScore Mobile research company."

Is this my dander up since when is there an excessive mobile phone that is able to play games, music and watch videos via the internet it becomes necessary? I understand that my smartphone is a valuable business tool (I use a business card and a timetable).

But come to the lower need of income owners. The article lists statistics for the highest purchases among the annual household incomes between $ 25 and $ 50,000 with a 48% growth rate. Now the price of the phone is $ 199 and a $ 70 monthly charge from ATT with a 4 family and 3 of these 4 require a mobile phone from one of the reasons that you have a lot of cash if you want it every year.

With the economy turned "mild" down (now funny!) And Reuters "One in Five Housing Owners Appointed With Underwater Mortgage"

2008. Friday, 31st October "There were about 7.63 million or 18 percent negative equity in September and another 2.1 million when home prices fall another 5 percent."

So here's the crux, Question All of them. … Is iPhone Really Needed? With economic affairs and the $ 750 billion government grant program?

Source by Corbin Elliott

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