Omega 3 EPA: Nature is its own anti-depressant

Since Dr Malcolm Peet, Sheffield's ear plug consultant psychiatrist has published Ethyl Epa's findings on depression and low mood effects, several other studies have been conducted using Ethyl Epa to treat depression and related disorders. Most of the studies carried out confirmed that Ethyl Epa, a natural substance found in omega 3 fish oil, helps relieve depression and low mood.

The idea that high quality omega-3 EPAs could be used to combat depression and other related disorders later led to Dr. Horribin who had been pioneer in the brain and central nervous system in the 1970s lipidkutat√°sban. Since Sheffield, she has been studying at Harvard University in 1999, Hammersmith Hospital in London, and Israel's Ben Gurion University in 2002.

EPA as part of a healthy diet

EPA is part of the Omega 3 chain and is most commonly found in fatty fish such as fresh salmon, mackerel, anchovy and sardine. Over the last 100 years, most people in Western countries have dramatically shifted to a lot more hydrogenated oil and trans fats (bad fats), largely due to the consumption of fast food and ready meals. Even those who think that eating a healthy diet consumes too much omega-6, and omega-3 is not enough.

Researchers have recently found that a high diet of Tran fatty acids can affect mood stabilizing hormones in the brain, which suggests that due to planned fats, the brain messaging system will slow down if this occurs, then depression may occur.

How does EPA work? Although the benefits of high-quality EPA are well documented, the scientific community still does not know exactly how EPA works in the brain, one of the theories by Dr. Basant Puri is to facilitate the passage of signs in the small slits in the brain as synapse. According to another theory, high quality Epa was actually similar to lithium and had anti-depressant properties.

Until recently, it was commonly accepted in the medical community that when a person reached maturity that an adult brain could no longer grow, one of the most recent, Puri dr. Dr. Puri scanned a 21-year-old patient before treating high-quality Pure Epa after finding only a young man during treatment to make sure that the gray matter of the brain was enlarged.

Omega 3 EPA and Body

EPA and EPA have a very good effect on balancing because they have other well-documented symptoms on the body: –

o Blood deficient properties

o Decrease The risk of heart attack Reduction of atherosclerotic plaque

o Slight decrease in blood pressure

There is also limited scientific evidence that high quality EPA has helped humans: –

o Bipolar o Dispositive Compulsive Disorder [19659002oThereisaneedformoreresearchintheseareasbutthecurrentevidenceisverypromisingappear

EPA Versus DHA

Omega 3 fish oil contains another omega-3 nutrient called DHA. There is currently a controversial argument about the benefits of omega-3 nutrition in the treatment of depression and related disorders. This argument comes from doctors who use high quality Epa, Horribin, Puri and Peet. They claim that the higher the ratio of Epa and Dha, the more effective the results are, the recent Dr. Andrew Stoll has supported this theory.

EPA from Nutrition

Any good doctor or nutritionist will tell you that the best way to get any nutrients is to contain even amounts of carbohydrate, protein and omega essential fatty acids. In the case of Omega 3 epa, this is in the form of a fish, unfortunately due to the high concentrations of bile in order to reach the therapeutic dose, daily and sadly large quantities of fatty fish are to be consumed due to contamination levels in our oceans this is not recommended.

Omega 3 Epa is also found in large quantities in some fish oil supplements. When selecting fish oil supplements, you only have to select the highest quality fish oil that should have the highest EPA-DHA ratio for the maximum therapeutic effect.


A large number of scientific disciplines that show high-quality Omega 3 ethyl-EPA to this natural oil are beneficial to many conditions. The argument about DHA is upsetting and maybe it will be until we provide solid scientific evidence to us. Meanwhile, a high EPA-DHA ratio is preferred by some leading UK physicians.

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