Oldi LD09 Desktop Laptop E-Table Desk Laptop Portable (E-board), is …

Oldi LD09 Desktop Notebook Desk

Desktop Laptop Portable (E-board), a desktop laptop that can be folded and easy to carry everywhere. With a relatively small size, you can put this laptop in the bag.

Desktop Laptop Portable (E-board), laptop desktops are widely sought. Because of its portable character, you get the convenience of using your laptop. In the campus, at the cafe, at home etc.

Details and Information about Portable Laptop Desk
– Is size: 285 x 316 x 36 mm
– There are 2 cooling fans with USB power
– Horn cushion: up to 70
– Compatible with all sizes of Notebook
– Made of sturdy plastic and lightweight
– It's a mouse pad, beverage or stationery
– It's opening or locking when the table is in a broken position
– For broken: 56 x 32 cm and once folded to 28 x 32 cm

Table Laptop Excellence Portable
– It is suitable for you with high mobility, lightweight easy to carry everywhere.
– Made of composite plastic that is sturdy, strong, lightweight and foldable.
– You can adjust portable laptop height according to taste (maximum: 30 cm).
– Equipped with 2 cooling fans or cooler with USB power.
– is flexible because it can fold and put in the bag.
– Easy to store without leaving.
– Compatible with all sizes of Notebook.

Color: White

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Weight: 1669 grams

Price (Updated November 2017): Rp. 139.000, – Online Shopping Click here:


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