Office kitchen etiquette for all staff members

Now that Halloween is behind us, the holiday office breaks off completely, and there is no better time than the kitchen and the etiquette for every employee. When your current employer decided to hire you, you did not rent your mother to clean it after work, and the myth of kitchen fairies was officially abolished. As we all know, common courtesy to wash your own pots, pick up your own trash and replace the empty paper towel with a new one. Generally speaking, after-hours cleaning staff do not enter the office kitchen, except the garbage disposal; so every employee has to keep clean.

  • Mostly needed for washing and drying your own dishes after use. Do not let it soak for more than a couple of hours in the sink.
  • If there is no waste, do not place the food in the drain. Rinse the remaining dishes in the trash to rinse the dish and rinse.
  • After your vessel, wipe excess water around the sink.
  • If something is blowing on the counter, wipe it off.
  • Similarly, if something is spilled on the floor, wipe it off immediately to avoid slipping and falling.
  • If you cook something in the microwave, use a plastic cover, so food does not explode. If the food rusty, wipe the inside of the microwave when it is ready.
  • When using a toaster, shake the crumbs thoroughly when finished and wipe the toaster area around.
  • If you use the last one, replace it immediately; the patterns are plastic dishes, paper towels, sugar, cream, mixing rod, etc. If you do not have a replacement, let the office manager know.
  • If the refrigerator is overcrowded, do not run around the staff for your staff to give you room. Try to rearrange the batteries to take more space and follow the next two bullets to keep the refrigerator in good condition.
  • Do not leave foods in the refrigerator for more than a day. You have to buy fresh lunch daily or take home every night if you did not eat that day.
  • If there is rotting food in the fridge, do not be afraid to throw it away if it is not yours. The employee who bought the food clearly made it clear and it would be offensive if he killed him.
  • If party food is to be stored in the community refrigerator, try to give enough warning to your staff to free the shelves to make larger dishes, bowls or desserts.
  • Residues about parties or meetings are just a decent game when they stay on a community kitchen counter or when the head of an office sends an email instead of helping themselves.
  • If there is not enough coffee in the pot after at least one cup or a new pot (the right pot, a decanter with black top notes regular and an orange top decaf) or turn off the burner and rinse the pot . Nobody wants to smell rotten coffee in the office.
  • If the kitchen cabinet overflows, do not put the garbage on top to create the lease tower. Or put yourself in or contact the head of the office to handle the buildings.
  • After an office party, he offered the cleaning. Usually, the same staff is doing the cleaning, so it would be a good change for others to volunteer to break the remains, wipe the tables, wash the food or put the furniture back in its original position.

You do not have to trust evidence that you've ever been in the kitchen or that a party has taken place. As a rule, leave the kitchen in a better state than you found. Do you have any rules for the list, the office kitchen etiquette story, or a pet dog? Share the story with us or leave a comment.

Source by Jennifer Daugherty

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