Nutrient yeast – What is it and how to use it?

So you jumped from vegetarian to vegan. You've decided to live without dairy, but this is a huge desire for cheese! You may ignore or find a way to satisfy this desire. I suggest you to satisfy!

Now the question is how. You may have heard of a product, a nutritional yeast. But what is it and how do you use it?

Nutritional yeast is an active yeast that comes in yellow and dry, floral tissue or powder. Yeast is brewed with a mixture of beet molasses and sugar cane. Most brands are reinforced with B12, which is useful to vegetarians and vegans, as this is sometimes the most difficult thing to eat from our diet. Of course, fat and sodium are low.

The best thing about Nutrition Yeast is that it is naturally a wonderful, delicious cheese flavor. So you can easily make a big cheese dish with this.

Where do you find this stuff? Actually, it's a bit more common than you think. Some grocery stores are starting to take away if you have a health food. There is usually a local health food store. It is very good to find it in bulk because it is much cheaper. If everything else fails, there are some online sites that sell and can send you.

So, what do you do with it? You can sprinkle popcorn, mix it with the fried "egg", mix it with mashed potatoes, put on top of spaghetti, mix it with soup and add it to the pizza. It could be gone. My favorite way is to make a sauce and make macaroni and cheese. You can use it to pour nachos on vegetables, pour it on dough, lasagna or fried potatoes. The possibilities are endless in this stuff!

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