Not the cancer that kills

I know my cancer can be interpreted as controversial, but as someone who was twice there was a certain degree of skill in trying to get people to try to ease the strain.

I really do not think it's cancer that kills people but fear. There are so many negative propaganda and fears of death that are around cancer, that it is most important for someone to expand in a positive direction. Soon I went to a great book to find my help: "Cancer is not a disease." In this book, the author states that cancer is a poisonous state and the organization's way of isolating toxicity to protect the body. If that is not a radical view, then I do not know what it is. However, the arguments put forward are indeed convincing and have led me on the road I took personally with my second cancer.

To be honest I can say that today I am not afraid of cancer or a return. This is a cry to help the body to purify, detoxify, adapt to lifestyle, and thoroughly examine the stresses and strains we live in. Stress in the body is one of the most effective ways to reduce immunity, and I know many people who have cancer, choose to undergo surgery, chemotherapy and chemotherapy, and just continue their journey.

Cancer calls us to change our lives, our diet, our minds, our relationships, our stress levels – and, in this sense, a survival mechanism that ensures our well-being.

I know what I've said is pretty unthinkable to think of cancer. But I really believe that fear with cancer can cause greater stress and weakness in our system than cancer itself. Death, disability, social exclusion, job loss – they are more devastating than illness!

Once you have met your mortality twice, and you look dead to death, the fear of death can no longer stand. This is the nature of fear. It's like a monster running after us turning the skin in the opposite direction. When you can stop, look around and look at the face and tell who are you and what you love? & # 39; it does not hurt anything.

If you do not believe me, try it out. And living without fear is a good way to live.

Source by Yamuna Loyal

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