Nokia N95 review and comparison via iPhone

Welcome to the N95 world – the kind of Nokia smart phone! This intelligent, carved device has all the possible things you want to use in a phone.

The handset

N95 Mobile uses the Symbian 9.2 operating system to drive your applications. There are two versions of the N95 classic and the N95 8GB is enhanced. Both mobile phone models use slider opening mechanism. The lightweight handset weighs only 120 grams. To fit the iPhone, the N95 also has an instant TV outlet and cable that can be immediately viewed on television. The handset screen is 2.6 inches, but unlike the iPhone, it has a touch screen that spoils all Nokia categories.

Camera and Music

N95 against the shades of the iPhone in front of the camera. Your mobile device uses a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus! To add another N95 8GB version it uses a 6.5 megapixel camera. The strong camera captures crystalline videos in MP4 format. But the phone does not have a lens cover, so you have to buy a leather cover separately to protect the lens and body from scratches. The quality of music is excellent in headphones. The mobile device has two speakers on both sides, making the ringtone sound loud and clear. The 3 mm slider allows you to connect all headphones and audio systems instantly.

GPS and Memory

N95 GPS features work great in the United States and support more than a hundred countries, but considering India, this is not so useful because of the lack of a detailed city map, route, and route currently planned. On the front bezel, while the N95 has an internal memory of 160 MB, with up to 2 Gbytes of MicroSD ™, the N95 8GB has 8GB of internal memory for easy storage of data.


Although the N95 is a great phone that it has disadvantages

  • The battery requires daily charge.
  • No USB support for charging
  • Voice GPS navigation is not free.
  • The RDS function is not available in FM.

Source by Himanshu Shekhar Jha

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