Nokia N95: a Ultimate Multimedia Computer

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Nokia is creating a new mobile phone set that combines cutting-edge technology and styles. The all-in-one multimedia computer, the Nokia N95, has an innovative bidirectional slide concept and has excellent multimedia features. High-performance 3D graphics, stunning user interface, high-speed data transfer, sophisticated multimedia capabilities, innovative imaging capabilities, high speed Internet access are some of N95's features. High-performance 3D graphics make it easy to find the features and services you need. Combining features such as built-in stereo speakers, mini USB and compatible microSD cards mean more than just a multimedia phone.

Play your favorite songs and store them in your MP3 player, take high-quality photos and video clips, and take photos with the 5 megapixel camera and enhance the visual experience with the large color display. Using the handset, Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) technology allows you to enjoy images and video clips on a larger screen of compatible TVs.

The best part of your device is the ability to provide fast and enjoyable internet access and download large files to your mobile phone. What's more! You can even check your emails in motion, which is a useful tool for professional and business users.

Nokia N95 is certainly a substitute for standalone gadgets, such as music players, PDAs, and digital cameras. By combining today's essential essential features, this perfect tool allows you to entertain different entertainment and business applications.
Nokia N95 helps you connect with all the wonderful features and excellent design. All in all, the N95 seems to pack the latest features that are needed for today's mobile phones.

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