Nokia N8 vs. Nokia N97

Now it's probably fair to say that the Nokia N8 is the coolest Nokia handset and it's hard to see why. It's the next generation of iPhone killer, so we thought it would be a good idea to compare Nokia N8 and Nokia N97, which is of course Nokia's most popular handset.

The Nokia N97, while it's kind of technology, also has many short reasons, such as powerful offers at 128mb internal memory (compared to Nokia N8 256mb) and now it's a 5.0 megapixel camera.

The Nokia N97 is made of invisible plastic of quality that could be compared to lego bricks when compared to the Nokia N8, made of polished aluminum – which means you are at night with friends, possibly with a few drinks, you can be safer by knowing that your phone is out of quality and less intolerable to damage.

Comparing the camera, Nokia N8 the obvious winner here is the 12 mega pixel camera with the wonderful Carl Zeiss optics and Xenon flash. The N97 also has Carl Zeiss optics and auto focus, but the reality is that the camera was never good enough to compete in a dynamic market for more than a year.

In terms of operating system, a new Symbian ^ 3 operating system broadly considers giving Symbian lift on the market despite some early negative reviews from bloggers around the world. In reality, only time will tell how the fate of Symbian, especially Symbian ^ 3, will throw out.

It's easy to see that the amazingly fantastic technology used with Nokia N8 comes in advance, the Nokia N97 in almost all aspects. So with regard to the Nokia N8 vs. Nokia N97, those who intended to get the Nokia N97 for more than a year after it was released, think twice about the Nokia N8 before it happens.

Source by Nikki Mather

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