Nokia N8 – A Smartphone We have been waiting for

The mobile phone industry is preparing and intending to release one of the most important smartphones in the market for some time this summer. The phone in question is made by Nokia and is called N8. On this page I will review what this feature is rich, high technology must offer customers in the coming months.

Support for Nokia N8 is the latest version of Symbian operating system, Symbian 3. Customize one of three home screens with interactive devices, shortcuts and content and browse by clicking on the touchscreen. Boost N8 with downloadable applications that you can grab from Ovi Store and run many applications with ease thanks to the better memory management that has been installed on this device.

The Nokia N8 smartphone comes with outstanding photo physics, elegant style and design, TV demand for channels like CNN and National Geo, and a wide range of features take the Nokia N8 mobile phone directly into the head of the bundle. The 12 megapixel digital camera records a 720p video and Carl Zeiss professional optics combine with xenon flash, face detection and geo-tagging to bring the best camera and video device to the market. The multimedia story does not end here though with innovations with HDMI port for TV or projector connection and Dolby Digital Plus technology for home theater compatibility – a good bonus we think.

The Nokia N8 features an impressive 3.5-inch AMOLED touchscreen with multi-touch technology that supports touch-zooming and browsing. The N8 touchscreen is fast and responsive and also supports auto-screen output thanks to the built-in accelerometer and proxy sensor that automatically sets the display to standby if you are calling. This allows you to save battery life on your mobile phone.

Nokia n8 can download applications from the Ovi store with the 3G HSDPA browser. For musicians there are FM radio and Nokia Music Player. The Nokia N8 comes with a 16GB internatl memory on the handset. If this is not enough for you, it can increase up to 48GB. This will give you more space to store all your favorite songs. Battery life is great too, it will offer users about 50 hours from just one charge. This is much more than you would get from other high end, packed mobile phones in the market, which often has a very poor battery life.

Connectivity is varied with quad-band roaming, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Email is taken care of by a consistent e-mail application, while the instant messaging service and SMS in a conversation will expire virtually any customer interaction. Nokia also offers free navigation with GPS and Ovi cards that provide speed, foot or car, voice guidance instructions. The Nokia N8 mobile phone is a wonderful smartphone deal with too many features to describe one article, but we are doing our very best.

So this is a very stylish looking mobile phone that makes your friends very picky. However, it does not stop here, since the Nokia N8 is not just a mobile phone with a good look. It can afford to back up its appearance. The features are both useful and usable and the addition of a 12 mega pixel camera, which is considered to be competing with those who stand in a single camera, are highly welcome and great performance at Nokia.

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