Nokia N73 Phone Review

The Nokia N73 phone is a smart phone that you will adore. The reason? The great powerful camera feature, which really makes this device a camera that happens to have a smart phone as an option. The Nokia N73 phone was launched in July 2006 and it is the latest S60 3rd edition phone. It's a great phone, able to put through where GSM service is running.

The display of the Nokia N73 phone is wide and displays up to 256,000 colors with 240×320 pixels. You can change the background of your phone, upload pictures of your own or other cool pictures you want. You can also download some themes if you need. The memory of this device is 42 MB of shared memory, which allows you to store pictures, games etc. There are numerous cool games stored in memory of this smartphone. If you need more, download some other suitable Nokia N73 phone.

As previously mentioned, the camera of this phone is one of the biggest features of this Nokia mobile phone. The camera has 3.15 MP. The maximum quality of an image will be 2048×1536 pixels, which is great for mobile phones. The camera also uses Carl Zeiss optics and has an automated focus. The video (CIF) can also be used and you can get cute video clips with this little phone. In addition, there is another VGA video call camera, which you can use. Use the image processing application and click on the image you have created. Video editors can turn a simple video into a masterpiece. Add your comments to your footage and download the video and show them to your friends.

If you need to schedule your day, the Nokia N73 phone will help you. You have a calendar and artwork that you can fill in and add reminders, so you never forget the necessary meetings and appointments. The Nokia N73 phone also has a radio that you can listen to while on the road or when you're bored. Last but not least, the strong Nokia N73 battery will last for up to 6 hours of talk time and 350 hours after hours.

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