Nokia N73: New Generation Music Phone

Nokia N73 is an elegant and stylish 3G mobile phone and is part of the N Series. The Nokia N73 is a music release, as its digital music player supports various file formats and stereo FM radio to listen to the radio station's music. The mobile phone has a weight of 116g, size 110x49x19 mm. The handset is equipped with the latest technology and user-friendly. Most Nokia mobile phones are technologically advanced and popular all over the world.

The new N-series mobile phones have revolutionized the communication world. Not only for communication, but also with the latest technology, such as mobile Internet, video calls, and so on. You can be in touch with the world. You can enjoy the latest music and java games you choose at any time and from anywhere. Introduce your inner abilities and enjoy photography with a 3.2 megapixel digital camera. Features such as mechanical lock and autofocus reduce distortion and help sharpen images. Record special moments with your handset and share it with your friends and family. The handset has video signals that allow video capture, playback and streaming.

Video feature stabilization, which helps smooth channel capture without any hands. You can share your video and photos with Nokia XpressShare that allow you to send the file using Bluetooth, email, or MMS. You can also transfer videos and photos via XpressShare between Nokia N73 and a compatible PC. Enjoy fun with your music player and stereo speakers in your life. Experience the world of music with the Nokia N73. Music playback is possible in many formats, such as MP3, AAC, eAAC, EAAC + and WMA. With the music player's equalizer, you can create music playlists for easy searching. Enjoy your favorite radio station on the integrated FM radio. With many other features, such as mobile Internet, Bluetooth, Quad Band, you can join the world at any time and anywhere.
Nokia N73

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