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Nokia – the world leader in mobile manufacturing – sells every third phone on the market. It manufactures mobile phones for all markets and protocols. This includes GSM, CDMA and WCDMA. Nokia Mobile Phones is a fantastic, simple fact. Nokia is convinced and understands that industry dynamics, design, brand, usability, and price are the primary consideration for customers. This means that Nokia mobile phones are not only visually appealing but also due to their ergonomics.

The Nokia Nokia Mobile Phones portfolio is quite varied. On one side there are Xpress music phones and camera phones, multimedia phones and the sensational L & # 39 Amour series. There are many options for flip phones, such as Nokia N95, Nokia 6290, Nokia 6290, Nokia 6290, Nokia 6090 and Nokia 6085. While offering a wide range of Nokia mobile phones – N93i, N95, N73, Nokia 7373 etc

All Nokia Mobile Phones are marketed with a strong USP, but offer more for apps and appeals. For example, the Nokia N95 was marketed as a multimedia power plant, with a great Mp3 player, camera and 3G capability, but the widescreen appearance of the tool has also become a unique sales proposition. In the first quarter of 2006, Nokia sold more than 15 million MP3-capable mobile phones and plans to further increase the number for selling more than iPods from Apple.

Despite the tremendous success of Nokia Mobile Phones manufacturers did not become complacent. Manufacturers see a lot of opportunities for specifically low-cost devices and sophisticated devices. In the world where 500 million people never telephoned, Nokia will be able to bring at least 2 billion more to Nokia's mobile communications market through mobile phones and strengthen what they always believe – connecting people. "[]

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