Nokia E7: Powerful Symbian 3 Smartphone

If the beauty was only screen deep, the Nokia E7 series would be a good opportunity in the Miss Handset competition. The Nokia E7 is a powerful Symbian 3 Smartphone that features an 8 mega pixel camera, 4 inch touch screen and full slide out QWERTY keyboard. The Nokia E7 or E7-00 stirred a little stir on Nokia World World this year and is another device (by Nokia N8) used by the latest version of Symbian OS – Symbian 3. Nokia basically thought about the QWERTY charger phone with its Communicator Series back until 1996 and now we have anodized aluminum chassis Nokia E7 fan on us and claim to be the worthy heir of Nokia phone with electronic keyboards. The sleek brush aluminum casing that feels comfortable in hand. It is almost 14 mm thick, but relatively light for size and depth.

By keeping most of the great features and designs from Nokia N8, the E7 could just have the perfect combination of content with a specialized lookout keyboard, to consider being the next big Nokia smartphone.

What about E7 apart from other Nokia smartphones is that it has an amazing 4 "AMOLED Clear black screen with 360 x 640 resolution, the largest screen on the contemporary Nokia phone. Home screens and smooth transfers between pages, version of the operating system This is the best.

Below the screen is one menu key that will turn on or pulse when calls or text messages are received as a notification system. In the center is much better than the Nokia N8 home button, which you almost reach the phone to reach. it's equally accessible in the middle for both left and right users.

On the left side, we find nothing but opening a switch, but the volume key, shutter button and SIM card slot are all located on the right side of the phone. At the top of the E7 we find a 3.5mm headphone and a dedicated power button puts us on ual spots. And on the left side of the top side There is a micro USB port, which offers USB-travel with the attached connector.

Accessing the QWERTY keyboard is not as professional as we expected, and has even found to open it when the journey difficult. If you used to remove your Nokia E72 from your pocket and reply to an email while you walk, Nokia E7 may not be upgraded to you as we use to use the keyboard.

Overall, the Nokia E7 is an elegant smartphone that in many ways fears our unboxing news. Certainly, we have had a few nails, mainly around the keyboard access, but other than that, the Nokia E7 is a stunning communicator that puts you in control of messages.

Source by Faisal Nayab

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