Nokia E7 offers great features such as 8 megapixel camera and Qwerty keyboard

Nokia is soon releasing the E7. This Symbian 3 enabled smartphone boasts key features like a full slide out QWERTY keyboard and 8 mega pixel camera.

To offer an attractive touchscreen combination and a full slide out QWERTY keyboard module, it is suitable for people who send out a lot of text and email, giving simultaneous use as well as touch management.

With measurements of 123.7x 62.4x 13.6mm, the Nokia E7 is certainly a relatively sleek and stylish smartphone that is convenient to use and is very light with 176 grams that is impressive for handsets with dedicated qwerty keyboard. An important four of the AMOLED capacitive touchscreen provides technology for giving up to 16M caps inside the 360x 640 pixel. These presentations are stunningly bright and the quality of the on-screen display means that it's great phone for viewing photos and videos. More touchscreen features include multi-touch input method, proximity accelerometer sensor, touch-sensitive control unit and handwriting recognition. The touch screen itself is created from scratch-resistant objects that protect it from daily diarrhea.

Unusual for your modern smartphone, Nokia E7 does not lack micro SD card slot. Saying that Zero needs one because of a huge sixteen Gigabyte of internal file data that's standard with 256 MB RAM and 1 GB ROM. Sixteen GB storage files are the best storage for users who want to keep many audio files or animations on their handsets, it is highly unambiguous that expanding files are necessary for average users.

Class 32 variants of both EDGE and GPRS provide the Nokia E7 with connections to the operator & # 39; just already in all but isolated areas. As a primary means of connecting to the empire, HSDPA connects download speeds at a speed of 10.2 MB per second over 3G coverage (with HSUPA at 2 Megabytes per second). In order for you to speed up your internet connection, the Nokia E7 also offers a free Wi-Fi browser that uses more wireless networks when available. Learn more about the features of the composer Wireless Bluetooth and Micro USB, which enables Nokia E7 to connect to other devices where you can perform many different features.

A gorgeous 8 MP digital camera is built, which uses the 3264x 2448 pixel layout to capture outstanding photo quality even further. Some of the inbuilt features of image changes include fixed focus, face detection, dual LED flash and also geo-tagging. The camera can also shoot video footage in high quality 720p high definition at 25 fps.

The selected operating system is Symbian 3 OS, and this showcases in collaboration with the 680 MHz chip to produce a lot of user experience. A long list of standard features in both amusement and efficiency definitely classify the Nokia E7 and captivate any rounder. This with the news that a number of choice options are going for sale means that it seems to be popular in the wake of its initial launch.

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