Nokia 6260 Slide – A Preview

The most prominent way to connect people though mobile phones is by calling. But with today's expanding market, handsets are actually more common for messaging, sharing and video, internet access, listening to music and anything that can be connected to everyday life. Nokia 6260 Slider is one such experience …

General Features:

The Nokia 6260 Slide is an elegant and reliable 3G phone available in striking colors like black and silver.

With built-in batteries, the weight of the handset is one hundred and forty grams, a little bulky to carry. Although measuring 15.4 mm by 99.4 mm by 46.5 mm, the handset will be run smoothly.

The Nokia 6260 Slide has an integrated telecommunications system and HSDPA 2100 network that enables users to get better roaming.

This smartphone is integrated with Wi-Fi Wi-Fi technology that allows you to use the network at high speed. This gives them freedom for many tasks, too, using a handset.

The USB port included with the Nokia 6260 Slide allows you to connect your phone to laptops, computers, etc. And its Bluetooth® device in wire-free connections.

A digital camera with five megapixels forms both video capture and precision and color.

Its rechargeable battery, when fully charged, provides talk time for almost four hours or three hours of WCDMA talk time. It's one of the best features that almost twenty hours of music can be enjoyed by a fully charged battery.

The built-in music player can be enjoyed anywhere by the user. While basic entertainment features, yet technically it can support all possible playback formats.

Nokia 6260 Slide can easily be looked forward to as an attractive, stylish 3G phone that has all the useful features that handsets today should keep to make users' lives easier and of course faster !!!

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