Nokia 6120 Next Mobile Phone

With the 6120, Nokia has built a candybar design with black trim and bent edges with silver trim. The loudspeaker is located on the side of the handset, which means that the sound is not distorted when placed on a table or table.

At the bottom of the 6120 there is a mini-USB connection for data transfer. You will need an adapter if you want to use a standard headset as the Nokia 2.5 mm audio jack is attached.

The 6120's keyboard looks a bit narrow at first but you set it up quickly. The navigation is easy with the four-way keypad under the screen and two softkeys for the various shortcut keys.


The 6120 has two cameras: a 2 megapixel handset on the back of the camera, and one on the front, face to face, for video calls. Panoramas and videos are awesome. The camera's order allows you to shoot six shots in rapid succession with approx. 2 per second.

Visit Gallery 6120 to view saved video clips, listen to music and recordings, and stream video through 3G.

The 6120 supports microSD memory cards up to 2GB and storage capacity increases to around 500 songs

Using the Symbian operating system, third-party applications can be installed in 6120. Applications, such as PDF and Office document scanners, are preinstalled. Download games and applications quickly and easily.


Call quality is good and the volume of the hearing aid can be heard during conversations. The ring volume is acceptable and the maximum volume will not cause the handset ringing.

Two-megapixel camera panorama automatically queues and captures the next recording in succession

Battery life The 6120 offers a great 3G phone with HSDPA (3.5G) speed, fast internet and 6120 wireless modem .

Built-in 2-megapixel camera and video recorder

16 true millions of color 320 x 240 pixels, 2-inch display

Store music, videos and pictures with up to 2GB of expandable memory

Up to 35MB of internal memory


MP3 player and ringtones

USB and bluetooth for connectivity

Voice recorder [19659002] Voice dialing

Personalized video call

FM Radio

Integrated MP3 Player

GPRS Capability

Vibration Alarm

PC Synchronization [19659002] Voice Dialing

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