Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Tube smart phone

With the introduction of the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Tube Smart Phone, which is billed as an iPhone killer, it's time to assess whether Nokia's new puppy in the block can attack billing and that iPhone # 39 is the end of the glory days. Compare the two mobile giants and see how much each one is worth.

Input Mode

This Nokia is equipped with a fingerprint, pencil or plotting option that allows text input on the touch screen. Iphone only supports fingerprints.


The iPhone is a lame 2 MP camera sans flash light cut loser in this category The Nokia 5800 comes with an auto focus 3.2 MP dual dome camera with Carl Zeiss lens that allows you to click on decent pictures. It also delivers high-quality VGA video capture. So the iPhone has outperformed this quarter every quarter, and it is definitely not recommended for serious shutterbugs.

Video Recording

The iPhone does not allow video or video calls. For Nokia, these features are standard applications.


Both Apple and Nokia receive the same points in the music section and both have dream gadgets for musicians. However, Nokia Comes With Music, FM radio and super-powerful stereo surround speakers can add sharpness.


This is where Nokia drops short when the 3.2-inch display is placed on the iPhone's 3.5-inch depth. But to compensate for this, Nokia's resolution is five times better than for iPhones.


While iPhone has five to ten hours of talk time, 24-hour audio playback, and 300-hour standby time, the new Nokia plans to have 16.7 days or 400 hours of standby time and 36-hour audio playback the mid-range performance of the iPhone. The point is, the Nokia 5800 has a stronger battery that enjoys its extremely diluted rival.

Cost factor

The Nokia 5800 weighs 220 kilograms or 279 euros, which hits the prospects of Apple's expensive product at a pace that is steep to the limitless majority. When customers compare the two mobile phones and find that Nokia offers the sexy features of iPhone at a significantly lower price, obviously Nokia will also choose Nokia for peace and goodwill years.


After comparing all features and price, gadget gurus are of the opinion that the new Nokia 5800 is a very tough competition on the Apple iPhone and accounts for almost 99% of the total. categories. At worst, it will be the same as the iPhone, but cheaper by half. That means you have to buy the gizmo freaks.

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