Nokia 5800 Tube – GenX Choice

The latest in the market, with a version in November 2008, is basically a music phone. Really impressive with sophisticated handset design and you can easily call the next generation device.

For the purchase information:

A handsome handset that mainly features the touch screen, 3.2 inches in size. With 640 pixels with 320 pixel screen resolution, it can display up to 16 million colors.

One of the brightest features of the Nokia 5800 Tube is that the user can view the screen either in portrait or landscape.

The Nokia 5800 Tube has released as a revolutionary phone with 3.2 megapixel camera and LED flash.

With the powerful memory card, you can add up to sixteen gigabytes of external memory in addition to eighty eight gigabytes of internal memory. It works over other phones in the area of ​​a battery that has a longer life and is removable. If the battery is fully charged, it can provide the user with nearly thirty five hours of music.

It not only supports MMS but has built-in Adobe Flash support, unlike any other competing device.

Another amazing feature of this handset is that it can analyze the script with the software handheld software.

It comes with a WAP browser that supports HTML and XHTML files and provides full access to the internet.

The contact bar kept in touch with the phone book is now a children's game.

RDS Wireless Support allows the built-in FM user to enjoy their favorite radio stations anywhere.

This smart phone supports MP3, AAC, polyphonic and video ringtones, which was unimaginable until recently.

With unusual quality audio features, the Nokia 5800 is here to hire the mobile phone market and the loans go to their eight band, which ensures the best quality audio. It comes with bass control volume, volume control and stereo that expands sound that makes it labeled "Music Phone."

Nokia has the latest innovation at best with the Nokia 5800 Tube. Contains all the important features that a music phone should own, promising that this phone is the best in the market. So finally our technical savvy musicians have something in store for them too !!!

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