Nokia 5250 – 2.8 Inch Symbian Touchscreen Smartphone Release

The Nokia 5250 was not going to be launched as soon as it was released through the Ovi store to individuals. The Nokia 5250 is a media centric phone that will focus on people who love interacting with their media. Whether you're the kind of person who loves music or can not stop listening to movies, the Nokia 5250 offers some great options for you.

Nokia 5250 Price

Nokia price of Nokia 5250 price is only 115 euros. This is for any network and taxes. However, it may be lower if a large network decides to select the device. Best of all, this device does not have to be expensive. It can be one of the cheapest and most powerful mobile phones in the market if it is priced correctly.

Nokia 5250 specifications

The Nokia 5250 specification is similar to other Nokia specifications. The phone will have a touch screen and will focus on the media and music. Anyone who does not enjoy music will probably not enjoy using this mobile phone. The device comes with 51 MB of file data, but it can be expanded to 16 GB with a microSD card. This amount of space can add anywhere from 3,000 to 5,000 songs for a person to listen to. Device device battery will last for up to seven hours when used to talk and can last up to eighteen days when in standby mode. Music can play back for up to 24 hours before the battery will die.

Nokia 5250 operates using the Symbian operating system, Nokia standard. GSM / EDGE / GPRS are used for data and internet service. The 2.8 inch TFT screen is not as big as some of the other mobile phones in the market but is big for the price and size of the device. Two-megapixel camera rear lets people take photos and upload them to Facebook, MySpace or email accounts.

Nokia 5250 review

The Nokia 5250 review is one of the most promising Nokia reviews I've read lately. This phone is within the prices of many younger teens as well as young adults who are looking for a mobile phone but do not want a good phone. This phone has many smart phone features but costs a fraction of the price of the traditional smartphone. Ovi music unlimited becomes available to some users of the phone, depending on the area where they buy their phone. This will allow network operators to download unlimited number of layers and control the device with the best music.

Thousands of songs can be installed on your device using a microSD card. A free copy of Guitar Hero 5 mobile phone will allow you to feel like a true rock star. For those who miss the traditional radio, built-in FM wireless will help you remember your days just having the radio as your music option.

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