No Siri on iPad 3?

Apple fanatics are crazy about the news about iPad 3. And as most site and tech experts believe it will be featured on March 7, more and more iPad users want to sell the iPad 2 to the 3 iPad's brightness. Reports have surfaced that the iPad 3 is a fantastic Retina display with dual LED lights that become brighter and better than ever. It is also famous for having an A6 processor for iOS 5.1 as the main operating system. The five-eight-megapixel real camera and the HD front camera, iPad user, also dropped fists in FaceTime's air. One of the features that almost all iPad users say is their hands on Siri. But the iPad 3 debut seems to have a lot of debt and difficulty.

You need Siri. Without Siri, it will not work.

Despite rumors that rumors contained reports that Siri is viable via iPad 3, experts believe this is unlikely to happen. Although most Apple users believe that making Siri for iPad 3 and iPhone 5 is the most logical thing for iPhone 4S, critics say that one of the reasons why Siri is not in iPad 3, Internet. For Siri to work successfully, you need to know that the iPhone 4S Personal Assistant is not just an app but an Apple Internet-based service that processes your voice and keeps your own commands. And since iPad and iPod Touch are two devices that have unreliable internet connectivity, Apple would not be allowed to add Siri.

It's important to note that while Siri was well received when it came to the iPhone 4S, there were a number of problems that contained criticized criticisms. As Siri's servers are in the United States, iPhone 4S users have encountered other parts of the world by accessing Siri's services. And if the iPhone does not have an internet connection, Siri is simply unavailable and will say it is connecting to the Internet. Because iPad devices only have Wi-Fi access to the Internet, data is not easy to use. This is because Apple is a technical giant who does not believe in the unreliable implementation of the technology. Siri's execution just stops it.

So why is the iPad 3 set to Safari, YouTube, Mail, and App Store? This is because Siri is a core service, which is included in iOS 5, and is therefore available in long presses, rather than in standard applications. If Apple does indeed have 3G, 4G, or LTE in iPad 3, Siri is likely to have the device provided that the user is willing to circumvent the cash needed for data traffic. For this, you may sell iPad .

While Apple releases iPad 3, rumors continue to be rumored. Now if you really want to sell the iPad 3 with or without Siri, then sell the iPad 2 at and get a good deal today.

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