NexusOne – Google Smartphone

Fondly called "Superphone" and "An example of what's possible" on a phone that uses Android, Google NexusOne Smartphone is here. Some even call it "Meeting sites on the web and phones".

Smartphone features a 1GHz Snapdragon processor and full touch screen like Apple iPhone. Google has updated the software and now offers the Android 2.1 operating system. Word in the article says that hardware, software and structural flexibility features posses a strong challenge to the Apple iPhone.

NexusOne might be one reason for iPhone and BlackBerry enthusiasts to think again. It has a larger screen (3.7 inches), is thinner and lighter than the iPhone. The NexusOne weighs only 4.6 ounces and is only 0.45 cm thick (or we could say "thin"). Additional feature is a special 5MP auto focus camera with LED flash and battery life between charges. The phone has a 512 MB internal memory with a micro SD card slot. A 3.5 mm headphone jack and stereo Bluetooth support offers musicians many options. Double microphone provides noise cancellation when it's in noise.

The Android boasts of multi task capabilities, like the features available on the desktop or laptop. Android 2.1 comes with a number of enhancements versus older versions. It offers a smoother menu guide, five new home screens and a new weather widget that provides interactive real-time weather forecast.

The pictures are fun for everyone. Options like 3-D visualization, stacked images, faster loading make photography so fun. In addition, just clicking on uploading photos in Picasa or YouTube videos.

NexusOne offers Google Earth with comprehensive 3-D views. Although not very smooth, the feature is great for mobile phones.

For the start, Google will provide both open and collated versions of NexusOne through a new portal . What's more, each customer can customize engraving with the order. Indicators show that the CDMA version NexusOne is available sometime this spring, as Google has announced Verizon and Vodafone as a partner.

On the reverse side, the music player is incredible. Application storage is limited to internal memory. It also lacks hands-free Bluetooth handling.

Everything said and done, this is a phone worth a price tag. It has features that have become part of everyday life today. Very few phones in the market offer the same features at the same price.

Source by Joel B Patrick

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