Newest Smartphone Smartphone – WiMax, 4G, and Voice over WLAN

The smartphone company is a surgery that never seems to sleep. Every time we turn around is another feature or advanced technology that makes all existing smartphones a thing of the past and consumers think of the next smartphone before their existing smartphone is even broken. Today we are already starting to see what tomorrow is smartphones (or next year is actually) can do what can not be done this year.

HTC introduces WiMax and 4G

HTC, the first to roll out ever new and sophisticated features, already pushes WiMax capable, the HTC Max 4G.

Yes, you read it correctly. 4G! As supported only in Russia (on the Yota network), US users of the smartphone can view this disagree with the speed that awaits them in the near future.

HTC Max 4G is basically HTC Touch HD with WiMax and 4G. WiMax is a successor to WiFi (often called "WiFi on Stereo"), broadband device with up to 80 km and bandwidth as high as 75 pixels. And if WiMax is better Wi-Fi, then 4G is better 3G.

Such connectivity and speed finally allow users of smartphones to watch video-on-demand and live television broadcasts. Actually, according to Scartel Russia, HTC Max 4G will be able to display up to 9 channels at the same time.

Motorola Introduces Voice over Wireless LAN

At the same time, Motorola has been working to bring companies together a lot cheaper. Just like VoIP or Voice-Over Internet Protocol came in real-time, communications live to market for a fraction of call rates (or mobile phone bills) – sometimes so cheap to cost nothing at all – Motorola is bringing similar technology to the mobile phone market.

Called "Total Enterprise Access and Mobility VoWLAN", this product will integrate multiple servers on top of your company's existing telecommunications system, scalable for up to 4,500 users. The trade show will also include a LAN-removable (truly LAN exclusive) Windows Mobile smartphone for the procurement staff, which enables employees to completely avoid their desktop phones for a full-featured smartphone solution.

These smartphones that Motorola imply that this package will contain Push-to-Talk service and allow users to have up to 4 simultaneous active radio hours.

Additionally, the package contains:

o Network Services Manager – for PBX integration and PTT

o and Wireless Client Manager – Central Management and Consulting

These are just some of the exciting innovations that the smartphone that uses a community can look forward to next year. Whether a company user, private user or both smartphone users will find their handheld devices only becoming indispensable than ever before.

Source by Corey T Bruhn

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