New Power Supply Upgrade for COMPAQ PRESARIO SR5600 SERIES Desktop Computer – Fi …

New Power Supply Upgrade for the COMPAQ PRESARIO SR5600 SERIES laptop computer – Fits the following models: SR5610F, SR5601P, SR5602FH, SR5604F, SR5605F, SR5606F, SR5608F, SR5610CF, SR5610F, SR5611CF, SR5611F, SR5612AT, SR5612CF, SR5612FR, SR5613CF, SR5613WM, SR5614F, SR5615CF, SR5616F, SR5618CF, SR5618ES, SR5618F, SR5619ES, SR5633WM, SR5648F, SR5670CF, SR5672CF (FK586AA, FK588AA, FK588AAR, FK589AA, FK589AAR, FK590AA, FK590AAR, FK587AAR, FK587AA, FQ491AA, FQ491AAR, FQ522AA, FQ522AAR, FT661AV)

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