New Apple iPhone 4 – test and keep it

Are you proud of the iPhone 4? Who does not like the new iPhone 4?

iPhone launched in June has many features and improvements over version 3. They are so tempting to be there for you. I'm a fanatic about the iPhone. Here is a moment based on my readings so far. I hope you like it. By the way, I also share a nice way to own the tool itself, by doing some simple tasks. Please note: there is nothing free in life :). Do not post a post that says free iPhone.

I like the look and feel of the new iPhone 4. For example, the front and back of the glass are not only incredibly wear-resistant and scratch-proof, but also good for phone signaling. The stainless steel edge that runs on the edges … is the secret of the best voice and data communication. This is the antenna.

The iPhone 4 screen is a killer. With the iMovie application that allows users to edit and share video directly from the iPhone, you're good.

BTW, Did you try FaceTime: the video call feature? Unfortunately, only WiFi is currently available. The restriction provides a good quality signal, so video sufferers will remain in sync with very little buffering, sound, and video.

Multi-tasking: No wonder how this adds … of course the most desired feature. It's a feature of the new iOS4 operating system, not the new iPhone.

The introduction of folders avoids table clutter

iAd Mobile Announcement would be interesting to watch.

Overall, however, the Apple iPhone 4 winner … not compared with other devices

One of the most important criticisms of battery life is multitasking. But there is still room for improvement.

Do not you want to test and get a free iPhone for free yourself?

Here's what to do … fill out some details and choose your interest. That's right.

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