New Action Game for iPhone and iPad – Fly Smasher

Fly Smasher is an action game designed for iPhone and iPad, and helps you test your reclaim potential. This new game release in the AppStore soon after its release is a very interesting and addicting game. The most important and good news is that this app is available for free and does not require the user to pay the download cost. The only purpose of the players is to protect their food from the flies that try to get away with it as the player loses his life and the game ends when they lose and leave the food at the other end. This is an action-packed game that keeps players active and addictive and interesting.

The game tests the player's readiness to repatriate from the moment the fly appears on the screen until they are broken and killed. The flies begin to appear and try to get to the food on the other side of the screen and the player has to hit them by touching them so that they do not touch it. In case the flies lose all their food and flee, the user loses his life. The player gets three lives at the beginning, and as flies escape from the food, they fall and lead to loss of life. After all the food is fired on the opposite side, the player runs out of life.

The game contains two types of flies: A and B, where Type A is still a small type A and Big A flies. When a player kills small A-type airplanes, he gets 5 points and gets 10 points with the same A-type magnification. Players must kill A-type airplanes to get points but not type B because they are not dangerous to the game. These flies will not eat the food, so there is no need to hurt them. If they are injured, they score 20 points out of the score and are too large to have the opportunity to finish the game.

There are a number of bonus and gaming items, such as spray, combined bonus, life and electric waves in the game. Fly Smasher game. There are two types of spray, and the first one will kill the flies immediately, while the second one will not immediately kill them, but will slow them down and take a long time to reach the food. Hearts move in the same direction on the screen as flies, and gathering each color gives extra life to the game. The electric wave can be used to kill all the flies that cross a shot. There is a combined bonus that rewards the player 100 points when the player has 10 such A-type flights continuously.

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